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Survey: so far, so good with serverless computing

More bad news for server-huggers: there’s no stopping the momentum toward adopting serverless computing — in which server management and capacity planning tasks are handled by a cloud provider. Half of IT executives in a recent survey, 50%, say they are already running with a serverless architecture, and 28% intend to do so within the 18 months. Photo: Michael Krigsman… Read more →

What would Steve Jobs think of the 2018 Apple?

Apple products you shouldn’t buy (November 2018 edition) While Apple carried out a big refresh of its hardware lineup in September and October, refreshing the iPhones, iPad Pro, and some of the Macs, there are plenty of other Apple products … Source Article from would Steve Jobs think of the 2018 Apple? blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

The worst tech failures of 2018

on cnet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Looking for the perfect gift? CNET delivers advice, reviews, and recommendations. Read More A boatload of products, trends, and people in the tech sector really disappointed us this year. In the spirit of the season, however, we won’t single out any individuals here. Instead, we’ll focus on the products and trends that made us… Read more →