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Expect a pragmatic vision of AI

Last year, Forrester predicted that firms would struggle with new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. This prediction came true: Firms continued with AI experiments that lacked meaningful results. Adoption has now slowed (51 percent adoption in 2017; 53 percent adoption in 2018). And budgets remain low in contrast to the ROI and transformation expectations for AI (under $2 million for 2018)…. Read more →

Hacker backdoors popular JavaScript library to steal Bitcoin funds

Image: BitPay A hacker has gained (legitimate) access to a popular JavaScript library and has injected malicious code that steals Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash funds stored inside BitPay’s Copay wallet apps. The presence of this malicious code was identified last week, but only today have researchers been able to understand what the heavily obfuscated malicious code actually does. The library… Read more →

​Beyond Kubernetes: Istio network service mesh

techrepublic Kubernetes: The smart person’s guide Kubernetes is a series of open source projects for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Find out why the ecosystem matters, how to use it, and more. Read More First, Docker transformed how we ran applications. Then, Kubernetes changed how we managed containers. Now, the open-source project Istio is building on… Read more →

Nokia reinvented: Decline, resurrection, and how CEOs get trapped

Although the Nokia brand is iconic and well-known, most people are unaware of the disruption story behind that name. In 2007, Nokia held 50 percent market share in mobile phone handsets. The company was considered a national pride for Finland, having been founded 150 years ago in 1865. By 2013, Nokia’s handset market share decreased to less than 5 percent… Read more →

IBM Latin America develops digital transformation re-skilling plan

IBM is developing a strategy to help address the shortage of IT skills required for digital transformation in Latin America. According to IDC, Latin America will experience a shortage of more than 550,000 IT professionals by 2019, especially in technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing. IBM’s own data suggests that 60 percent of Latin executives are currently… Read more →

In this country, your cryptocurrency must go through your bank

When Bitcoin (BTC) took a firm hold on the imagination of the general public, the idea was entrenched as a means to seize the control of personal, financial assets away from centralized authorities. Decentralized, anonymized trading on the blockchain — also known as distributed ledger technologies — was touted as a means to keep a central group, such as a… Read more →

Best Buy, the worst buy: Lessons from the field and online

Please forgive me: First, for not having finished a post on the Humanization of Salesforce, which is the post that will be coming next in lieu of my normal Dreamforce post; Second, for even writing a “service experience” problem post, but once in a great while my personal pique, which is what usually keeps me from writing posts like this,… Read more →

Amazon re:Invent Preview: RockSet and Yottascale take their bows

With re:Invent dominating the airwaves this week, Amazon’s announcements will understandably garner the spotlight. But behind the scenes, some of the most significant announcements may crop up from the ecosystem that is building on the AWS cloud. Among them, we had a chance in the past few weeks to get acquainted with a couple of them that just emerged from… Read more →

Cleaning machine: SoftBank brings AI to a dirty job

Japanese conglomerate SoftBank has unveiled a new robot designed to clean commercial floors. Called Whiz, the robot is being touted by the company as a potential remedy to Japan’s chronic labor shortage. SoftBank also makes Pepper, a helpful humanoid used in retail environments. The company looked internationally for its development and manufacturing this time out. The robot’s body will be… Read more →

UK gov’t seizes documents Facebook wanted to keep private in Cambridge Analytica battle

The UK parliament has exercised little-used powers in order to seize confidential documents relating to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was in May this year that the UK government requested Mark Zuckerberg’s presence at a hearing in order to answer questions relating to the scandal, in which the data of up to 87 million users was improperly shared with a… Read more →