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Rowhammer attacks can now bypass ECC memory protections

Academics from the Vrije University in Amsterdam, Holland, have published a research paper today describing a new variation of the Rowhammer attack. For readers unfamiliar with the term, Rowhammer is the name of a class of exploits that takes advantage of a hardware design flaw in modern memory cards. By default, a memory card stores temporary data inside storage units… Read more →

New data reveals the secret to holiday retail success

Over the last few years, retailers have seen a dramatic increase in customer service requests, and social media traffic between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to new reports. special feature Sensor’d Enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data The internet of things embeds intelligence into business processes to let us measure and manage the enterprise in ways that were never possible before…. Read more →

SIM-swapping 21-year-old scores $1 million by hijacking a phone

A 21-year-old has been accused of SIM-swapping the mobile number of a Silicon Valley executive in order to steal roughly $1 million in cryptocurrency. The New York Post reports that Nicholas Truglia used his apartment in West 42nd Street, in the Bay Area, as a base to track down targets for his SIM-swapping scheme. SIM-swapping is an attack in which… Read more →

What Apple customers really hate about their products

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How Dropbox’s red team discovered an Apple zero-day exploit chain by accident

While probing Dropbox and how the cloud storage system responded to cyberattack attempts, the firm’s red team stumbled across a set of zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple software. Dropbox’s head of security Chris Evans outlined the situation, in which the firm’s Offensive Security red team — security specialists tasked with attacking a system for the purpose of finding holes and weaknesses… Read more →

APAC firms will need more soft skills as AI emerges in workforce

Workers with soft skills will be important in future as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly are used in future workplaces, since these skillsets are unlikely to be easily replaced. Some 42 percent of tasks in the workplace were projected to be done by machines and AI by 2022, compared to the current 29 percent. In addition, 75 million jobs… Read more →

Facebook appeals £500,000 penalty over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook has appealed a ruling and £500,000 fine imposed by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, claiming that the penalty is not justified. The fine was imposed in October. Facebook was ordered to pay due to its role in facilitating the improper sharing of data belonging to up to 87 million users… Read more →

Emotet malware runs on a dual infrastructure to avoid downtime and takedowns

The Emotet malware gang is probably managing their server infrastructure better than most companies are running their internal or external IT systems. A report published last week by Trend Micro reveals that the Emotet crew has intentionally designed its server backbone infrastructure into two separate clusters. Researchers ended up at this conclusion after they analyzed 571 Emotet malware samples from… Read more →

City of Valdez, Alaska admits to paying off ransomware infection

Officials from the city of Valdez, Alaska have admitted last week to paying $26,623.97 to hackers after the city’s IT network was crippled by a ransomware infection in July. “Valdez Police Department […] reached out through our law enforcement channels for assistance with addressing the ransom demand,” said Bart Hinkle, Valdez police chief and operations section chief for the cyber… Read more →

Cloud computing comes of age as the foundation for enterprise digital transformation

Last year Forrester predicted that cloud computing would radically accelerate enterprise transformation everywhere. After a decade of powering small and medium business success — and giving disruptive companies the tools and technologies they needed to compete head on with the world’s largest firms — cloud was poised to drive significant enterprise change in the very firms being disrupted by innovative… Read more →