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US-CERT issues guide on how to properly dispose of your electronic devices

The old hard disk drive is disintegrating in space. Conception of passage of time and obsolete technology Getty Images/iStockphoto Over the past few years, there have been numerous reports, and studies about how second-hand devices that have been put up for sale still contained information from previous owners, exposing those individuals to scams, blackmailing, or identity theft. This week, the… Read more →

Fitbit turns operating profit in Q3, sees smartwatch, healthcare traction

Fitbit turned a third quarter non-GAAP profit as smartwatch revenue now consists of 49 percent of sales, its healthcare business gains momentum and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) delivers growth. The company remains a work in progress, but CEO James Park noted that Fitbit is keeping its focus as it transforms its business. Much of Fitbit’s transformation depends on… Read more →

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 19H1 test build adds updated sign-in options for Hello, more

Microsoft is continuing work on its Windows 10 19H1 feature update, which is expected to roll out around April 2019. On October 31, Microsoft made available a new test build (No. 18272) to Fast Ring Insider testers of that update, and with it, a number of incremental new features. Credit: Microsoft Microsoft has redesigned the sign-in options for its Windows… Read more →

It’s time for Microsoft to bring Windows 10 Mobile back from the dead

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It has been the primary driving force behind all the major film and television releases in the last 10 years, such as with the Marvel and Star Wars film franchises. ZDNet’s parent company, CBS, is no exception. It’s been making quite a go of it — taking advantage of that nostalgia trend by re-casting familiar… Read more →

Why the influencer marketing bubble will burst soon

Influencer marketing has risen to the forefront of marketers consciousness recently. Everyone seems to have an influencer marketing campaign. Influencers are capitalising on the trend too. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, there were nearly 13 million brand-sponsored posts on Instagram in 2017 alone. We seem to notice influencers everywhere — particularly when we see live video trends across social channels…. Read more →

Zuckerberg disses Apple, misses

A touch peeved? File photo He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. Well, given that we’re talking about the marginally less emotive Mark Zuckerberg, he’s probably a touch peeved and he’s going to say a couple of things. That’s the impression one gets from yesterday’s Facebook call with analysts, reported by Marketwatch. Facebook’s CEO seems… Read more →

Meet iBubble, the world’s first intelligent, autonomous, wireless underwater drone

The success of flying drones has given new impetus to the development of underwater versions, and France’s Notilo Plus company is targeting this market with the launch of its iBubble autonomous drone. Notilo says it will start shipping in the middle of November at prices “from $4,099″. The next batch will ship in January. Notilo Plus says in its press… Read more →

Here’s how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade

Updated 29-Oct-2018: Thank you to the many readers who have continued to provide firsthand reports that this procedure still works. The majority of reader reports confirm that this upgrade is still available. A minority of readers report that the upgrade fails on a Windows 10 PC with an error message that indicates “Windows 10 Setup has failed to validate the… Read more →

GandCrab ransomware crew loses $1Mil after Bitdefender releases free decrypter

Bitdefender believes the criminal group behind the GandCrab ransomware has lost an estimated $1 million in ransom payments after the company released a free decryption utility for GandCrab victims last week. The Romanian antivirus maker says that at least 1,700 GandCrab victims were able to successfully decrypt GandCrab-locked files within hours after the tool’s release. Most of these users were… Read more →

Inside the mind of a sextortion scam artist

Sextortion is nothing new, but the way in which cybercriminals attempt to relieve us of our money through blackmail is evolving. The Internet hosts countless websites with pornographic content, live adult camera streams, infidelity websites, and more. Visitors are unlikely to want their browsing activities or views made public, and this is an area in which scam artists are now… Read more →

Scary smart tech: 9 real times AI has given us the creeps

McAfee opens Advanced Threat Research Lab The Hillsboro, Oregon lab showcases a range of threats, including adversarial machine learning used on autonomous vehicles, Windows vulnerabilities, medical device flaws and … Source Article from smart tech: 9 real times AI has given us the creeps blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Oracle’s next chapter: The Autonomous Database and the DBA

For obvious reasons, databases have always been up front and center to Oracle chairman and founder Larry Ellison, the prominence of the autonomous database at last week’s Oracle OpenWorld gave Ellison a chance to head back to memory lane. In this case, the memories were recent as Oracle introduced the concept last year and, surprise, surprise, provided the opportunity for… Read more →