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Driverless? The uncertain future of the American trucker

The trucking industry may be primed for a major labor crisis. According to a new study, autonomous trucks could eliminate as many as 294,000 driving positions over the next 25 years, including the highest-paying jobs held by senior operators. The numbers, though staggering for employees in the sector, aren’t substantial enough to have a significant impact on the national labor… Read more →

British Airways: Cyberattack, data theft bigger than we first thought

British Airways has revealed that the massive data breach which struck hundreds of thousands of customers is bigger than first believed. On Thursday, the UK carrier said that a further 185,000 customers may have had their information stolen during the data breach. In total, the threat actors behind the attack potentially gained access to an additional 77,000 payment card records… Read more →

Dear Samsung endorsers, please stop using iPhones

It started a long time ago. There was Alicia Keys, BlackBerry‘s vaunted creative director, who was caught tweeting from an iPhone. She claimed she’d been hacked. Tennis star David Ferrer was perhaps the most brazenly charming. A Samsung endorser, he wanted TwitterWorld to know about his love for the Samsung Galaxy S4. He tweeted that love from an iPhone. Also:… Read more →

New DDoS botnet goes after Hadoop enterprise servers

For nearly a month, a new botnet has been slowly growing in the shadows, feasting on unsecured Apache Hadoop servers, and planting bots on vulnerable servers to be used for future DDoS attacks. First spotted in honeypot data by a NewSky Security researcher while it was still in its infancy, the botnet has matured and expanded in the meantime. While… Read more →

Microsoft is positioning Always-Connected PCs as the future of business devices

These days, Windows PCs with built-in cellular connectivity are still fairly rare. But Microsoft is on a campaign to change this, especially in the business space. Credit: Microsoft During Microsoft’s WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) 2018 events in Taipei and Shenzhen over the past couple of weeks, Microsoft execs have been evangelizing so-called “Always Connected” devices. Always Connected devicesare ARM… Read more →

​Comcast’s Q3 highlights how to navigate customer shifts, end of the cable

Comcast’s third quarter results were better than expected and the familiar storyline revolves around how customers are cutting the cord. That storyline is legit, but Comcast’s broadband business is booming and its move to embrace and integrate over-the-top services with its X1 platform appears to be paying off. At a high level, Comcast reported third quarter earnings of $2.88 billion,… Read more →

Twitter’s advertising, data revenue climbs in Q3

Twitter reported better-than-expected third quarter financial results Thursday morning, proving that it could increase revenue and profit despite a decline in user numbers. The key to Twitter’s revenue success boils down to its data and advertising strategy, which has helped the company shift investor focus away from user numbers and on to platform monetization. Twitter said that its monthly active… Read more →

Bad Blood, book review: The rise and fall of Theranos

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup • By John Carreyrou • Picador • 339 pages • ISBN: 978-1509868063 • £20 First they think you’re crazy, then they fight you…and then they prosecute you for fraud because you were lying when you said you could change the world. To be young, gifted, and blonde rarely hurt anyone… Read more →

Cisco releases fix for privilege escalation bug in Webex Meetings app

Cisco has released a security update for Webex Meetings which resolves an exploitable vulnerability leading to privilege escalation. The security flaw, CVE-2018-15442, exists in the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows and “could allow an authenticated, local attacker to execute arbitrary commands as a privileged user.” A failure to sufficiently validate user-supplied parameters in the app has caused the… Read more →

Apple blocks GrayKey police tech in iOS update

Apple has managed to stop the law enforcement tool GrayKey from working with modern iOS devices — but we do not know how this has been achieved. According to Forbes, the developers of the tool, Atlanta-based Grayshift, have been stopped in their efforts to crack the encryption of Apple iPhones. The company offers the GrayKey tech to law enforcement in… Read more →

Free decryption tool released for multiple GandCrab ransomware versions

The No More Ransom project released today an updated and more potent decryption tool for the GandCrab ransomware in what Europol has described as the “latest victory of law enforcement in the battle against ransomware.” The decryption tool was developed by Romanian Police, Europol, and Bitdefender, and will be made available on the No More Ransom project website for download… Read more →

Infrastructure needs to be ready for cloud to take off in APAC

SAN FRANCISCO–Cloud may be the obvious choice for most businesses, but for some markets in Asia-Pacific, any discussion on its adoption will be premature if the necessary infrastructure is not available to facilitate such deployment. For others, it may not necessarily make economic sense to fully embrace a cloud environment. The Indonesian archipelago, for instance, comprises some 17,000 islands spanning… Read more →