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Tableau launches Ask Data natural language processing system

Tableau on Tuesday launched Ask Data, a natural language processing tool, to enable customers to ask conversational questions to improve analytics. The features are available in Tableau 2019.1 beta. Ask Data is a move to make queries more natural. For instance, a customer could type a question like ‘what were sales last month?’ and Tableau will produce a visualization without… Read more →

Mapbox mashes up with Tableau, other BI platforms

This year’s Tableau Conference, kicks off with its keynote and first day of sessions in New Orleans today. As part of the festivities, Tableau and open source geographic information systems (GIS) player Mapbox, are announcing their Mapbox Geospatial Analytics Extension for Tableau. The extension allows customers to easily aggregate spatial data into clusters and regular grids or transform the data… Read more →

Startup boasts unhackable email protection for the rest of us

History repeating: How the Internet of Things is failing to learn the security lessons of the past The massive cyberattacks which took down some of the most popular websites on the internet show that device manufacturers are not learning from the mistakes of the past. Read More States have access to the world’s most powerful supercomputers, satellite comms scanning, and… Read more →

Verizon Q3 solid as 5G ramps, but Oath is becoming a drag

Verizon’s third quarter was better-than-expected as the company said its 5G rollout is on schedule. However, Verizon is managing an underperforming Oath media unit, video FiOS defections and intense wireless competition. The telecom giant reported third quarter earnings of $1.19 a share and $1.22 a share on a non-GAAP basis. Revenue from the third quarter checked in at $32.6 billion,… Read more →

Raspberry Pi: Hands-on with the updated Raspbian Linux

I wrote last week about the new Raspbian Linux release, but in that post I was mostly concerned with the disappearance of the Wolfram (and Mathematica) packages, and I didn’t really do justice to the release itself. So now I have continued with installing or upgrading it on all of my Raspberry Pi systems, and this post will concentrate on… Read more →

There’s ‘bigger fish to fry’ than anti-encryption laws: Telstra security chief

Encryption-busting laws like Australia’s Assistance and Access Bill aren’t high on the list of essential cyber crimefighting tools, according to Jacqueline McNamara, head of cybersecurity at Telstra. She’d rather have instant access to data on the ownership of IP addresses through organisations like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and being able to work more quickly with… Read more →

While India’s IT managers get the axe, old world coders get a lifeline

Cool today, forgotten tomorrow. That’s certainly the arc that technology seems to take when it comes to products and even professionals, consigning the stars of today to the memory bins of yesteryear. And yet, every now and then something happens to demonstrate that these arcs are not always consistent. Indeed, India’s IT landscape has emerged as a total head-scratcher when… Read more →

Securities market participants face greatest financial cyber threat: BAE Systems

The securities markets — trading in stocks, bonds, equities, debt, derivatives, and the like — face the highest level of cyber threat of all financial markets, according to a new report from BAE Systems. “This is due to the large numbers of participants and infrastructures in that market, the complexities of their interactions, and inherent characteristics such as long chains… Read more →

Samsung, Qualcomm partner in 5G small cell, networking push

Samsung and Qualcomm have announced a new partnership in 5G small cell development. On Tuesday, the tech giants said they would begin working together to create 5G small cells for commercial applications, which will “open the door for massive 5G network speed, capacity, coverage, and ultra-low latency.” Small cells are radio equipment and antennas which can be placed on structures… Read more →

Brazilian authorities admit fake news struggle

Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has conceded that it is struggling to deal with the overwhelming wave of fake news created and disseminated around the country’s presidential elections. In a press conference that took place yesterday (22) following the emergence of a WhatsApp mass messaging scandal involving leading presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro , TSE minister Justice Rosa Weber said there… Read more →

Larry Ellison pitches Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud as purpose-built for enterprise

Oracle’s cloud business is still a blip on the radar compared to the competition, but it’s the only cloud provider offering security and automation features uniquely built for the enterprise, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison argued Monday. “Other clouds have been around for a long time, they were not really designed for the enterprise,” Ellison said in his keynote… Read more →