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Mozilla announces ProtonVPN partnership in attempt to diversify revenue stream

Mozilla announced plans today to test a possible partnership with ProtonVPN in the hopes of securing a future revenue stream. Starting Wednesday, October 25, Mozilla plans to select a small number of Firefox users and show them an ad to purchase a monthly subscription to ProtonVPN. Only US-based Firefox users on the latest Firefox 62 for desktop versions (Windows, Mac,… Read more →

Google Home Hub alternatives you can buy right now

One year after enlisting the help of third-party manufacturers to get screen versions of Google Home into your life, Google has launched its own smart display, called Home Hub. Designed to be a smart home controller, it’s equipped with a speaker for alarms and timers, and it comes with a screen so you can view the thousands of pictures you’ve… Read more →

What Microsoft’s executive compensation metrics say about its priorities

Last week, Microsoft made available its 2018 proxy statement. That document makes for interesting reading for us Microsoft watchers, and not just because it includes the annual executive pay numbers for the company. CEO Satya Nadella earned $25.8 million this past fiscal year, which is $5 million above what he earned the previous year. Like Microsoft’s other top (“named”) executives,… Read more →

Apple reveals what the R stands for in iPhone XR

You’ve been torturing yourself about it for weeks. You’ve had heated discussions with friends and even random human beings on public transportation. You’re sure you have the answer, because, well, you work in tech and therefore enjoy fulsome self-confidence. You know, in fact — as do I — that the iPhone XR has an R suffix because it’s just slightly… Read more →

WordPress team working on "wiping older versions from existence on the internet"

Image: DerbyCon The WordPress security team’s biggest battle is not against hackers but its own users, millions of which continue to run sites on older versions of the CMS, and who regularly fail to apply updates to the CMS core, plugins, or themes. Speaking at the DerbyCon cyber-security conference earlier this month, WordPress Security Team lead Aaron Campbell gave the… Read more →

The case for business model innovation: A sports story

Note: Many of you remember my dear friend and prominent sports strategist and educator Stephen Bourke, who has contributed to these pages before. including “Why sport is one of the most disrupted industries.” Read on to find out how that disrupted industry needs to innovate – and then apply it to your world. It all works out. Stephen makes it… Read more →

Oracle adds intelligent features across cloud applications

At the Oracle OpenWorld conference this week, Oracle is rolling out a series of updates to its cloud applications portfolio, infusing more automation and intelligence into ERP, HCM, CX and Data Cloud applications. It’s also expanding its SaaS portfolio to include subscription management services. By embedding AI into its SaaS products, Oracle intends to show at this year’s OpenWorld “how… Read more →

​San Jose Sharks: Fan experience, community, and technology (but don’t call it digital transformation)

Sharks Sports & Entertainment is the company that owns the San Jose Sharks sports team (National Hockey League), San Jose Barracuda (American Hockey League), plus four ice facilities, an event management business that hosts around 175 events per year, a nonprofit foundation, and the SAP Center located in downtown San Jose. While the NHL team dominates the organization’s external face,… Read more →

Is Teradata’s march to cloud and commodity its destiny?

Earlier this month, Teradata unveiled a new marketing campaign to reposition the company to go beyond IT in addressing the business. The company, which formerly positioned itself with variants of the theme of the world’s biggest, fastest data warehouse is now positioning itself with a stop the insanity-style tagline, “Stop buying analytics. It’s time to invest in answers.” Have we… Read more →

Project Lakhta: Russian national charged with US election meddling

A Russian national has been charged with being an alleged key member of “Project Lakhta,” a campaign which aimed to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election. According to the Department of Justice (DoJ), Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova was the financial mastermind of the scheme and served as the chief accountant of the umbrella operation. The 44-year-old allegedly controlled the finance… Read more →

Facebook approaches major cybersecurity firms, acquisition goals in mind

Facebook has promised rapid internal changes in the way our data, security, and privacy is managed in the wake of a massive data breach — but this may not be the only step the company plans to take. Evidence has been gathered which demonstrates that Russian operatives covertly used the social network to spread fake news and interfere with the… Read more →

​Linus Torvalds is back in charge of Linux

​Linus on Linux’s 25th birthday Linus Torvalds describes Linux’s secret origins. Read More At Open Source Summit Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland, Linus Torvalds is meeting with Linux’s top 40 or so developers at the Maintainers’ Summit. This is his first step back in taking over Linux’s reins. A little over a month ago, Torvalds stepped back from running the Linux… Read more →