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Best gifts: Top tech to make your home office smarter in the new year

Must-have tools you need for repairing PCs, smartphones, tablets, and much more If you’re in the business of repairing PCs, smartphones, or tablets, then you need the tools to help you get the job done in a fast, efficient, and safe way. (Updated October 2018) … Source Article from gifts: Top tech to make your home office smarter in the new year… Read more →

Audio recording is now disabled by default in OpenBSD

In a move made to improve security, the team behind the OpenBSD operating system have disabled microphone-based audio recording functions in the new OpenBSD 6.4, released yesterday, October 18. The thinking behind this decision is that OpenBSD is mostly an operating system installed on servers and research environments, systems that are almost never required to record environmental sound via built-in… Read more →

Tim Cook calls for Bloomberg to retract controversial chip story

(Image: file photo) Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling for Bloomberg News to formally retract its story alleging that a bevy of major tech companies were victims of a Chinese spy campaign via compromised server hardware. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that tiny chips implanted into server hardware facilitated backdoors into the systems of up to 30 companies, including Apple… Read more →

Asus NovaGo ARM-powered Windows 10 laptop finally goes on sale in the UK

Asus’s long-awaited ARM-powered laptop finally went on sale in the UK on Oct. 19, promising around 22 hours of battery life with an always-on LTE mobile connection. The NovaGo comes bundled with a 24GB data sim, so buyers can start using it straight away, though they’ll need to make their own arrangements for long-term use. Initial stockists include John Lewis,… Read more →

eBay might need PayPal more than it thought

eBay shares took a hit on Wall Street Friday after PayPal suggested in its financial report that its former parent company may experience a slowdown in merchandise sales volume from abandoned checkouts. eBay announced earlier this year that it’s winding down its partnership with PayPal as part of a move to bring its payments intermediary service in-house. Dutch fintech company… Read more →

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 never actually RTM’d: Here’s why

Ever since Microsoft began delivering feature updates to Windows as “a service,” Windows client officials have been reticent to use the “release to manufacturing” (RTM) phrase — even when they’ve settled on a particular build that they’ll christen as a new feature release. The Windows Server team seemingly doesn’t have the same hang-up. In fact, the Server team has acknowledged… Read more →

AWS creates official customer support account on Reddit

An official support account for Amazon Web Services has popped up on Reddit. The aim is to help customers with account and billing questions, but AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr said admins would also try to help out with other queries as they come up via the /r/aws subreddit. The official description for the account describes it as a source… Read more →

Kaspersky says it detected infections with DarkPulsar, alleged NSA malware

Kaspersky Lab said today that it detected computers infected with DarkPulsar, a malware implant that has been allegedly developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA). “We found around 50 victims, but believe that the figure was much higher,” Kaspersky Lab researchers said today. “All victims were located in Russia, Iran, and Egypt, and typically Windows 2003/2008 Server was infected,”… Read more →

New iPad Pro: Fantasy features list

It’s been years since I owned an iPad. I think the last one I bought was a third-generation model, and I handed it down to someone who would actually use it after I noticed that I’d let the battery go flat and had been using it as a mouse mat for weeks. But with a new iPad Pro launch happening… Read more →

Best gifts: Top iPhone XS or XS Max accessories

iPhone XS Max cost too much? Great smartphones in every price range It’s a great time to buy a smartphone, no matter what your budget. You can find functional and reliable handsets from about $197 to over $1,000. Source Article from gifts: Top iPhone XS or XS Max accessories blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png