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Facebook downgrades breach count from 50 million to 30 million users

Facebook said today the number of users who had their Facebook authentication tokens stolen in a security breach that took place last month is actually 30 million, and not 50 million, as the company initially announced. Attackers stole authentication tokens for these 30 million accounts, but they also stole additional data for 29 million, Facebook said. For 15 million users,… Read more →

Climate change is transforming business

It may not seem like it yet, but climate change is altering the world so drastically that all enterprises will need to undergo a transformation to avoid going extinct. Earlier this week, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported (with high confidence) that, at the rate we’re going, global warming of 1.5 degrees C is likely between 2030… Read more →

Speck Presidio case roundup for Apple iPhone XS Max/XS/X: Two-layer drop protection in compelling styles

Apple products you should not buy (Updated September 2018 edition) Now that the new iPhones, along with the Apple Watch Series 4, have landed, you’re a go to buy new a some shiney new Apple stuff. But there are plenty of other Apple products you should … Source Article from Presidio case roundup for Apple iPhone XS Max/XS/X: Two-layer… Read more →

A mysterious grey-hat is patching people’s outdated MikroTik routers

A Russian-speaking grey-hat hacker is breaking into people’s MikroTik routers and patching devices so they can’t be abused by cryptojackers, botnet herders, or other cyber-criminals, ZDNet has learned. The hacker, who goes by the name of Alexey and says he works as a server administrator, claims to have disinfected over 100,000 MikroTik routers already. Alexey has not been trying to… Read more →

Cool tool: Live Home 3D can bring your workspace and personal spaces to life

Furniture is heavy. Desks are heavy. Chairs are heavy. Bookshelves are heavy. Workbenches are heavy. Workshop tools like table saws, band saws, and jointers are heavy. Couches are heavy. Beds are heavy. Most of these are also unwieldy, making them difficult to move between rooms and offices. Also: VR: It’s time to break up CNET The point is that moving… Read more →

Yale smart lock, alarm app debacle causes chaos across UK homes

A system failure which caused the Yale smart security app to crash reportedly resulted in customers unable to enter or leave their homes due to alarm failures. On Wednesday, Yale told customers across the United Kingdom on Twitter that “unplanned network maintenance” might cause some customers to “experience connection issues.” While Yale promised that the work would be complete within… Read more →

Banco do Brasil launches financial transactions via WhatsApp

Brazil’s oldest bank has introduced a series of transactional services to consumers through WhatsApp. Banco do Brasil (BB), the country’s largest bank by assets, is rolling out 11 types of transactions via the messaging tool, including access to balances of current and savings accounts, money transfers, mobile phone top-ups and generation of credit card statements. The phased rollout will see… Read more →

IETF approves new internet standards to secure authentication tokens

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) –the organization that develops and promotes Internet standards– has approved three new standards this week designed to improve the security of authentication tokens against “replay attacks.” Authentication tokens are used everywhere online these days. When a person logs into his Google or Facebook account, an authentication token is generated and stored in a cookie… Read more →

Proof-of-concept code published for Microsoft Edge remote code execution bug

A security researcher has published today proof-of-concept code which an attacker can use to run malicious code on a remote computer via the Microsoft Edge browser. The proof-of-concept (PoC) code is for a Microsoft Edge vulnerability –CVE-2018-8495– that Microsoft patched this week, part of its October 2018 Patch Tuesday. The vulnerability was discovered by Kuwaiti security researcher Abdulrahman Al-Qabandi, who… Read more →