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How to solve the creepy concerns of always listening AI

Wake word-enabled AI seems to have become the creepy device in our home and our office. If it is really listening to everything we say, is it blurring our privacy lines? The problems that have risen in the past seem to have been related to accidental activation of the speech recognizer. see also After a month of Alexa in every… Read more →

NASCAR’s digital evolution on track

Oliver Marks / ZDNet CNET Welcome to Roadshow New cars, car reviews and pricing. Read More The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), the American motor racing sanctioning and operating company best known for stock-car racing, in many people’s minds equals high-speed banked oval track racing, southern states culture, and sports TV coverage. Today, NASCAR, like so many… Read more →

These two gadgets make me want to lie down and scream

Don’t you want to be touched at different locations? YouTube screenshot/ZDNet I always thought — because I listened carefully to every Apple keynote — that gadgets were supposed to make our lives better. They’d make our souls giddier. They’d even make doing business easier. This week, however, I’ve encountered two gadgets that have created disturbing sensations in too many parts… Read more →

Recent wave of hijacked WhatsApp accounts traced back to voicemail hacking

A wave of reports about hijacked WhatsApp accounts in Israel has forced the government’s cyber-security agency to send out a nation-wide security alert on Tuesday, ZDNet has learned. The alert, authored by the Israel National Cyber Security Authority, warns about a relatively new method of hijacking WhatsApp accounts using mobile providers’ voicemail systems. This new hacking method was first documented… Read more →

Russian cyber spies busted by Netherlands ‘left behind evidence of many operations’

The accusations against Russia just keep on coming. On Thursday, just after the UK and Australia accused Russia of being behind a wave of global cyber-attacks, the Netherlands defense ministry announced that four Russian intelligence officers had been “escorted” out of the country back in April, after being caught in action. The spies, who come from Russian military intelligence (GRU),… Read more →

Neuton: A new, disruptive neural network framework for AI applications

This does not happen often. Deep learning is the hottest technology today, with countless applications and deep investment from the usual suspects. To have something new released from someone who is not among the GAFAs of the world, and claims to be radically better in every way, is sure to raise some eyebrows. That was our reaction too, when we… Read more →

ZipRecruiter raises $156 million in VC funding and here’s where AI fits

ZipRecruiter raised $156 million in Series B venture funding with plans to expand its machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure and grow internationally. The online recruiting marketplace, which has raised $219 million in total venture funding, hatched in 2010 as a service that enables companies to post job listing in multiple places. Since then, ZipRecruiter has pivoted from a volume… Read more →

BlackBerry says it will protect long-lived assets from quantum computing attacks

BlackBerry on Thursday announced that it’s adding a quantum-resistant code signing server to its cybersecurity portfolio. The server is aimed at customers with long-lived assets — like aerospace equipment, connected cars, or transportation infrastructure — that will still be in use in a few years from now, when quantum computing attacks are expected to emerge. The server uses cryptographic libraries… Read more →

Russian Fancy Bear APT linked to Earworm hacking group

APT28, also known as Fancy Bear, has been connected to another threat group which is launching attacks against military targets in Europe and Asia. Fancy Bear, which is also tracked under the names Sednit, STRONTIUM, and Sofacy, is a well-known hacking ring that allegedly has the backing of the Russian government and is state-sponsored. The advanced persistent threat group (APT),… Read more →

No Russian interference yet in US midterm elections: FireEye

Russia’s original strategic goals for its information operations during the 2016 US presidential election were to “sow discord and undermine confidence in institutions and democracy”, according to Lee Foster, manager of information operations analysis at FireEye Intelligence. “They may be taking a step back this time,” he told journalists at the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit in Washington DC on Wednesday,… Read more →

Average time to resolve problems is three times higher than customers want

Businesses seem to be setting the bar for “good” customer service too low, according to a recent study, which could have significant business impact as the customer experience becomes even more vital as customers decide to buy. Boston, Mass.- based identity and access company LogMeIn recently released a study to analyze the business impact and consumer attitudes of today’s customers… Read more →