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​Linus Torvalds answers 5 questions in BBC letter

To hear some people talk about it, Linux’s new Code of Conduct (CoC) will destroy Linux by shoving out developers who don’t kowtow to political correctness. Others are sure Linux will remain a haven for abusive jerks. Linus Torvalds, in an e-mail to the BBC, revealed he’s sick of both sides. I addressed some of these myths about Torvalds stepping… Read more →

Microsoft is bringing the Robot Operating System to Windows 10

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft is working on an “experimental” release of the Robot Operating System (ROS) for Windows. Microsoft’s goal with this move is to “bring the intelligent edge to robotics,” officials said on September 28, across home, education, commercial and industrial robots. Microsoft has joined the ROS Industrial Consortium, which is focused on extending ROS to manufacturing for industrial robotic… Read more →

When chatbots are a very bad idea

McAfee opens Advanced Threat Research Lab The Hillsboro, Oregon lab showcases a range of threats, including adversarial machine learning used on autonomous vehicles, Windows vulnerabilities, medical device flaws and … Source Article from chatbots are a very bad idea blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

India’s Supreme Court strips Universal ID scheme of its overreach but retains its essence

A few days ago, the Supreme Court of India passed its judgment on the validity of the Aadhaar Act of 2016, perhaps the single most important law that aspires to control almost every aspect of day-to-day life for all Indians using a mandatory Universal ID and accompanying biometrics such as a iris scan and fingerprints. Both the major Indian parties,… Read more →

Ignite 2018: Microsoft steps up data platform and AI ambitions

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set the tone at the Sept. 24 to Sept. 27 Ignite events in Orlando by sharing at least half a dozen stories of leading companies innovating and pioneering new business models with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI). It was a crisp, one-hour presentation long on vision and surprisingly short on promotion or even mentions of… Read more →

Python is a hit with hackers, report finds

After breaking into the top three most popular programming languages for the first time this month, behind C and Java, Python has also won the hearts of hackers and web nasties, according to attack statistics published this week by web security biz Imperva. The company says more than a third of daily attacks against sites the company protects come from… Read more →

Salesforce’s master plan through fiscal 2022 by the numbers

Salesforce is projecting fiscal 2022 annual revenue of $21 billion to $22 billion as it increasingly sells add-ons to core products and gains wallet share from enterprise use multiple clouds from the company. With Dreamforce finished, Salesforce outlined its Customer 360 initiative as well as other products. Microsoft and Salesforce race to offer a single view of customers’ data Mark… Read more →

Processing time series data: What are the options?

Google does not always get things right, or get to things first. But when Google sets its sights on something, you know that something is about to attract interest. With Google having just announced its Cloud Inference API to uncover insights from time series data, it’s a good time to check the options for processing time series data. A time… Read more →

BlackBerry beats Q2 targets, cites growth in automotive vertical

BlackBerry delivered better-than-expected second quarter earnings, pointing to growth in its QNX embedded auto software. The company’s shares were up nearly 10 percent in early trading. The enterprise mobility and security software provider reported fiscal second quarter non-GAAP earnings of four cents a share on revenue of $214 million. On a GAAP basis, BlackBerry reported reported income of eight cents… Read more →

Here’s how much it costs to charge a smartphone for a year

I’m on a mission, and that mission is to save on my power bill. I’ve already done the obvious stuff, like replace lightbulbs — especially the 500W halogens floodlights I have outdoors — with low-power LEDs, and I’m being more careful as to how I use heating and cooling. But along with making big changes, I’ve also been looking at… Read more →

Meet Torii, a new IoT botnet far more sophisticated than Mirai variants

A new botnet which specializes in the compromise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been discovered which contains unprecedented levels of sophistication. The botnet, dubbed Torii, is a cut above both the Mirai and QBot variants, according to researchers from Avast, as it possesses sophistication “a level above anything we have seen before.” First discovered by a security researcher… Read more →