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Walmart implements IBM’s blockchain for food traceability

Walmart is working with IBM to implement blockchain as part of new food safety requirements for its suppliers. By this time next year, Walmart and Sam’s Club will ask suppliers of leafy greens like romaine lettuce and spinach to implement food traceability via IBM’s blockchain technology focused on the global food supply chain. special feature How Blockchain Will Disrupt Business… Read more →

Microsoft to bring multi-user virtualization to Windows and Office with Windows Virtual Desktop service

We’ve known for that Microsoft was readying a new virtual-desktop-enabled edition of Windows 10. At one point known as “Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions,” and more recently “Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops,” this new Windows edition was first noticed by Windows 10 Redstone 5 testers weeks ago. At the Microsoft Ignite IT pro conference this week, Microsoft is… Read more →

US ISP RCN stores customer passwords in cleartext

RCN, one of the largest internet and cable service providers in the US, admitted today on Twitter that it stores users’ passwords in cleartext, passwords to which its customer support employees have access at any time during technical support requests. An RCN spokesperson said that “[customer support] agents need to see this password to verify account ownership when certain changes… Read more →

Slack buys Astro, eyes tighter email integration on its platform

Slack said on Monday that it’s buying Astro, makers of the popular Astrobot plugin that lets users check their email and calendar from directly within Slack. Astro’s also known for its AI algorithms and expertise in email infrastructure — both of which Slack could parlay into native email integration within the Slack platform. Slack has been vocal about plans to… Read more →

How to decide: Picking the 2018 iPhone that’s right for you

If you’re having trouble remembering the difference between the 2018 iPhone models, think of it this way. The iPhone XR is the reduced cost model. The iPhone XS is excessively expensive and the iPhone XS Max is excessively expensive, to the max. 2018 iPhone pricing, compared 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB iPhone XS Max $1,099 $1,249 $1,449 iPhone XS $999… Read more →

Adwind Trojan circumvents antivirus software to infect your PC

Adwind, a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) previously connected to attacks against industries worldwide, is back with a new toolkit designed to trick antivirus programs into allowing the malware to exploit systems. On Monday, cybersecurity researchers from Cisco Talos, together with intelligence partner ReversingLabs, released the results of an investigation into the Adwind Trojan’s latest campaign. Also known as AlienSpy, JSocket,… Read more →

Apple Watch’s Walkie-Talkie is practically useless

If you have a new Apple Watch Series 4, or have upgraded your existing Apple Watch to watchOS 5, you’ve probably noticed you have a new app on your device called Walkie-Talkie. This particular app uses the FaceTime Audio APIs, so you can instantaneously voice communicate with someone else that has Walkie-Talkie, much like the way Sprint Push To Talk/Direct… Read more →

​Amazon’s Hindi website shows how badly e-commerce needs India’s non-English-speaking shoppers

How many Indians speak English? That has become the burning question for e-commerce in India, and the answer to it may be not more than a 100 million people, with probably only half of that number armed with a modest degree of expertise. Add to this fact that, out of 390 million Indians who use the internet, only 40 percent… Read more →

iPhone XS launch: 3 days in the life of an Apple store

They always show the images from the first Friday. The Friday when lines form outside Apple stores, and the frenzy awakens the staff in the empty clothing and furniture stores in the vicinity. What’s less often seen are the minutes, hours, and days after the initial noise. So, I thought I’d visit one Bay Area Apple store at the same… Read more →

YubiKey 5: First multi-protocol security keys with FIDO2 support

YubiKey 5 Series Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, has today unveiled the latest update to its hardware-based security keys, the YubiKey 5 Series. This latest update is the industry’s first multi-protocol security keys supporting FIDO2. Must read: iOS 12 features you should try today This means that a single security key can support FIDO2, FIDO U2F,… Read more →

Samsung Galaxy Watch: How to adjust settings and configure your personal preferences

Last month I posted my full review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but think I may need to write another article as my experiences with it have improved after more extended usage. It has moved into the 9+ range and is quickly becoming my favorite smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch is a fantastic smartwatch, but there are buried settings that take… Read more →