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Google Home Mini was the most popular smart speaker in Q2

Google’s Home Mini was the top-selling smart speaker globally in Q2 2018, according to Strategy Analytics. Google sold 2.3 million of the devices, grabbing 20 percent market share for the quarter. Amazon, which still dominates the market overall, saw two of its smart speakers round out the top three for the quarter: The Amazon Echo Dot came in second with… Read more →

Zero Trust technology works; excuses don’t

I have done a few exercises on implementing Zero Trust and Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) in enterprises. The impetus behind these exercises is that the participating organizations have leaders that are Forrester clients and had read, or at least breezed through, the research that has been published on the topic of Zero Trust, and that they have bought in on… Read more →

Salesforce intros Einstein Voice, an AI voice assistant for enterprises

Salesforce has released details about a forthcoming AI capability from its Einstein artificial intelligence platform that aims to meld conversational voice assistants with enterprise sales workflows. With Einstein Voice, users will be able to verbally talk to the Salesforce platform to perform a range of administrative tasks, such as note dictation and data entry. As with all Salesforce products, Einstein… Read more →

Access to over 3,000 backdoored sites sold on Russian hacking forum

MaBO frontpage ZDNet Hackers are selling access to over 3,000 breached websites on an underground hacking forum for Russian-speaking users, according to a new report shared with ZDNet today by threat intel firm Flashpoint. The forum is named MagBO and is a relative newcomer on the hacking scene, where other services HackForum,, xDedic, Nulled, or Mal4All have already made… Read more →

Knowledge graphs beyond the hype: Getting knowledge in and out of graphs and databases

Knowledge graphs are hyped. We can officially say this now, since Gartner included knowledge graphs in the 2018 hype cycle for emerging technologies. Though we did not have to wait for Gartner — declaring this as the “Year of the Graph” was our opener for 2018. Like anyone active in the field, we see the opportunity, as well as the… Read more →

Fitbit launches Fitbit Care platform for health care plans, expands Humana partnership

Fitbit launched a platform called Fitbit Care to connect health plans, wearables, employers, health systems and coaching. The company also said Humana has selected Fitbit Care as its coaching platform. The effort is a big move into recurring revenue and using Fitbit’s data to become more of a software provider. For now though, Fitbit’s primary business rests on device sales… Read more →

Magecart claims another victim in Newegg merchant data theft

It was only yesterday that researchers confirmed a massive payment card skimming scheme operated by Magecart which compromised the online store of broadcaster ABS-CBN; now, the cyberthreat group has claimed a fresh victim in Newegg. Researchers from RiskIQ, together with Volexity, revealed that California-based retailer Newegg is the latest well-known merchant to succumb to the threat actors. On Wednesday, the… Read more →

Sapho aims to use machine learning to save employees more time navigating systems

Sapho is banking that machine learning will allow it to manage your personal enterprise applications so you don’t have to. The company, which is focused on integrating enterprise applications into what it calls an Employee Experience Portal, plans to use machine learning to monitor how an employee uses business applications and then dish out the most relevant information to them…. Read more →

Qualcomm advances IoT strategy in Brazil with lab launch

Qualcomm is moving forward with its Internet of Things strategy for Brazil with the launch of a reference center developing applications based on the approach. The lab, announced earlier this year by the firm’s president for Latin America Rafael Steinhauser, is already working on a first pilot that is working on improving public security by monitoring vehicles through IoT-enabled wireless… Read more →

Mirai botnet authors avoid prison after "substantial assistance" to the FBI

The three men who created and ran the original Mirai botnet back in 2016 have avoided prison sentences after cooperating with the FBI and providing “substantial assistance in other complex cybercrime investigations,” the US Department of Justice (DOJ) said on Tuesday. The three –Paras Jha, 22, of Fanwood, New Jersey; Josiah White, 21, of Washington, Pennsylvania; and Dalton Norman, 22,… Read more →

State Department reveals data breach, employee information exposed

The US State Department has confirmed a data breach which has led to the exposure of employee data. As reported by Politico, the personally identifiable information (PII) of some of the State Department’s workforce has been exposed, however, the data breach is not thought to impact more than one percent of the staff roster. “We have determined that certain employees’… Read more →