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Siri, Apple is just not that into you

Eight seconds. That’s all the shine Siri got during the nearly two-hour long event Apple held on Wednesday. What did Siri do to deserve this level of disregard? So. I caught the livestream of Apple’s big event yesterday, along with millions of other folks. Now, CEO Tim Cook said right from the beginning that this event was going to focus… Read more →

Adobe beats Q3 earnings targets

Adobe released third quarter financial results after the bell on Thursday and once again the Photoshop maker broke a corporate record for quarterly revenue. The software giant reported fiscal third quarter earnings of $666 million, or $1.34 a share. Non-GAAP earnings in the quarter were $1.73 a share on revenue of $2.29 billion, up 24 percent from the same period… Read more →

Microsoft buys AI startup Lobe

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it has acquired Lobe, a San Francisco-based startup that makes a platform on which users can build, train and ship custom deep learning models. What makes its platform unique is a drag-and-drop visual interface that requires little to no code writing. In a blog post, Microsoft’s EVP and CTO Kevin Scott explained that while breakthroughs… Read more →

Security flaw can leak Intel ME encryption keys

Chipmaker Intel has released firmware updates on Tuesday for a security flaw that can allow an attacker to recover, modify, or delete data stored on Intel’s CPU chip-on-chip system. The vulnerability affects the Intel Converged Security and Manageability Engine (CSME), which is a separate chip running on Intel CPUs that is used for remote management operations. The CSME, previously known… Read more →

We compare Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4: Best doesn’t always win

Usage statistics reveal that one of the primary uses of a smartwatch is health and fitness tracking. As a result, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch (see our full review) and the Apple Watch Series 4 enhance and promote these features. Neither can provide as much as a focused GPS sports watch, but they are both adequate for the masses. Samsung and Apple… Read more →

Google talks up APAC cloud support as Alibaba intensifies gameplay

Google is playing up its expanding cloud footprint in Asia-Pacific and global network coverage as key differentiators in a market, where Alibaba has been ramping up its cloud play. Google currently operates five cloud regions in the region, including Singapore, Mumbai, and Sydney, with another two soon to go live in Osaka and Hong Kong. This would bring the total… Read more →

Windows support scam uses evil cursor attack to hijack Google Chrome sessions

A tech support scam is using a novel technique to hijack the browsing sessions of Google Chrome users. Tech support scams — Microsoft Windows being one of the main brands abused in this manner — and general phishing operations often use what is known as malvertising to secure potential victims. This can include search engine poisoning and malicious ads, the… Read more →

Two billion devices still vulnerable to Blueborne flaws a year after discovery

Blueborne, a set of nine exploitable Bluetooth vulnerabilities, was thought to affect close to every laptop and mobile device which used the communication protocol when the bugs were found last year. No desktop, mobile device, or operating system was safe from the vulnerabilities should they make use of the short-range wireless protocol — which, in essence, meant that most modern… Read more →

BEC scam artist ordered to pay back $2.5 million, lands hefty prison sentence

A Nigerian resident has been ordered to pay back $2.5 million in damages and serve five years in prison for running business email compromise (BEC) scams which sought to defraud victims out of $25 million. Onyekachi Emmanual Opara was sentenced on Tuesday in a Manhattan, New York federal court for his crimes, according to the US Department of Justice (DoJ)…. Read more →