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Intel acquires NetSpeed Systems for SOC design tools

Intel on Monday announced it’s acquiring NetSpeed Systems, a San Jose, California-based company that provides system-on-chip (SoC) design tools and interconnect fabric IP. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. NetSpeed’s network-on-chip (NoC) tool helps automate SoC front-end design and generates interconnect fabrics that are programmable and synthesizable. This should help Intel more quickly and cost-effectively develop and test… Read more →

Microsoft rebrands, repositions Visual Studio Team Services as Azure DevOps

For those who were wondering what Microsoft would do with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) following its purchase of GitHub earlier this year, the answer is in. Microsoft is “evolving” VSTS into a family of Azure DevOps services. VSTS is Microsoft’s service for collaborating on code development and deployment. It includes Git repositories for source control; build and release management… Read more →

Adobe brings new voice analytics capabilities to Experience Cloud

Adobe said Monday that it’s bringing advanced analytic capabilities to its voice data service to help enterprises drive more value out data from voice-based interfaces. The voice analytics capabilities use machine learning and artificial intelligence technology from Adobe Sensei to analyze voice-activated searches through AI assistant platforms including Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. With the new… Read more →

iPhones, iPads, MacBooks: What new hardware will Apple unveil this week?

As Apple prepares for what is the biggest and most important unveiling of the year. But as usual, fans and pundits what Apple to update and refresh anything and everything in one go. But that’s not going to happen. Also: How Apple Watch saved my life What new hardware will Apple unveil? I’m coming across “claims” that Apple will use… Read more →

Impossible Aerospace reimagines the electric airplane

Sunnyvale-based Impossible Aerospace is on a mission to make long-range electric flight viable. The startup has launched its first product after securing $9.4 million in Series A funding to build what it’s calling flying batteries. Called the US-1, the new UAV is an electric commercial-grade drone that demonstrates the advantages of what Impossible Aerospace describes as battery-first design. In contrast… Read more →

HP launches Metal Jet 3D printing, additive manufacturing system

HP launched its HP Metal Jet 3D printing technology that’s designed to deliver mechanically functional parts faster than current systems with the aim of revamping factory production for auto, industrial and healthcare companies. The company unveiled plans for its HP Metal Jet at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. In addition, HP outlined partnerships with GKN Powder Metallurgy and Parmatech to… Read more →

Cisco launches UCS system for AI, machine learning, deep learning

Cisco is expanding its Unified Computer System portfolio with optimized systems for artificial intelligence and machine learning using Nvidia’s latest GPUs. With the move, Cisco becomes the latest server and networking vendor to optimize systems for AI, machine learning and deep learning. Dell, HPE and Lenovo have similar systems. AI is being used for finance, healthcare, media, security, retail and… Read more →

Popular VPNs contain code execution security flaws, despite patches

Researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities in popular virtual private network (VPN) software, ProtonVPN and NordVPN, which can lead to the execution of arbitrary code by attackers. Last week, Cisco Talos security researchers said the security flaws, CVE-2018-3952 and CVE-2018-4010, permit code execution by attackers on Microsoft Windows machines. The vulnerabilities are similar to a Windows privilege escalation security flaw uncovered by… Read more →

Australia’s anti-encryption law will merely relocate the backdoors: Expert

The greatest threat posed by Australia’s planned new anti-encryption laws comes from the voluntary requests made to communication providers, not the compulsory notices to give technical assistance, according Dr Chris Culnane, because they have greater scope and less oversight. “At a very high level, the legislation introduces two compulsory notices, and one voluntary request. Whilst the compulsory notices have gained… Read more →