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Tesla modifies product policy to accommodate "good-faith" security research

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has modified its product security guidelines this week to accommodate the work of security researchers. Tesla says it will allow security researchers to register themselves with the company as a “good-faith security researcher” and their Tesla cars as “research-registered vehicles.” The company says it will provide assistance, over-the-air updates, and firmware reflashes to “research-registered vehicles”… Read more →

Another use for Cortana (and Alexa): Controlling Microsoft’s Xbox

Microsoft is continuing to try to reposition Cortana from an “assistant” to an “assistance” aide. Today, the company took another step to realize that vision by starting to enable Cortana-powered devices to control its Xbox One console. Alexa-enabled devices are going to be able to do the same, by the way. Credit: Microsoft The Xbox team is adding a new… Read more →

The big yawn: These new iPhones will be so boring, I can’t wait

Every year for the past seven years, we’ve seen a fall announcement of a new iPhone. In earlier years (2008, 2009, and 2010), iPhones were announced in the spring. That said, it’s become something of a matter of near certain expectation that Apple will introduce new models each and every year. Gather round Next week is the predicted fall Apple… Read more →

DOJ to charge North Korean officer for Sony hack and WannaCry ransomware

The US Department of Justice is expected to formally charge a North Korea officer in connection to the 2014 cyber-attack on Sony Pictures and WannaCry ransomware outbreak of 2017. The man is supposedly named Pak Jin Hyok, according to a Washington Post report. The upcoming charges were first reported by ABC News. Also: Cyberwar: What happens when a nation-state cyber… Read more →

How to watch Apple’s iPhone event on September 12, 2018

Didn’t find an invite to Apple’s September 12 iPhone unveiling in your inbox? Don’t worry, because you can still grab yourself a front-row seat and watch it as it happens, all from the comfort of your home or office. Must read: New 2018 iPhone, iPhone XS, iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9: Rumors, leaks, launch date, and everything we know so… Read more →

Vulnerabilities found in the remote management interface of Supermicro servers

The firmware responsible for the remote management features of Supermicro servers contains vulnerabilities that allow attackers to gain a permanent foothold on servers even after OS reinstalls, and open closed systems to remote attacks. According to a report authored by Eclypsium researchers and shared with ZDNet prior to publication, the vulnerabilities affect the firmware of baseboard management controllers (BMCs). BMCs… Read more →

AMD unveils ‘reimagined’ Athlon processor, and Athlon PRO and Ryzen PRO chips

AMD expands its reach into the processor market with new chips targeted at both the “everyday” PC user and those looking for silicon that can handle compute-intensive enterprise-focused workloads. Must read: Apple products you should not buy (August 2018 edition) On the “everyday” PC front we have a “reimagined” Athlon chip. This chip is designed to bring the benefits that… Read more →

Wider net: 5G and the connection between the wireless connections

The end of 2G wireless phone service in India is finally in sight, according to Indian technology analyst firm CMR. By the first quarter of 2020, 2G may finally be considered turned off in that country. According to industry trade group India Brand Equity Foundation, that country has some 446 million internet users, and nearly 1.18 billion mobile phone users…. Read more →

ADP adds benchmarks, insights to its mobile app

ADP is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to give executives and managers real-time workforce insights such as benchmarking, patterns and costs. The tools, dubbed ADP Executive Manager Insights, are built into the company’s Mobile Solutions app. The aim is to deliver insights via push notifications as they surface. ADP analyzes customer and third party data to come up with… Read more →

Vodafone: You used 1234 as your password and were hacked? You cover the cost

If you use a simple, easy-to-guess password such as “QWERTY” or “1234,” you might pay for your mistake by having someone access your online accounts without permission — and you may also find yourself paying out for subsequent damages and lost funds. That is, if Vodafone reportedly has its way. Recently, a court in Teplice, Czech Republic, sentenced two individuals… Read more →

Living Machines: A quick history of robots (Part I)

DJ; My Toy Museum It’s fitting that a writer, not a scientist, coined the term for the autonomous machines that have gripped the collective imaginations of various cultures for millennia. The word robot comes from Czech writer Karel Čapek, who first used it in his 1920 play Rossum’s Universal Robots. The play features a kind of biological entity built in… Read more →