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Dell EMC updates portfolio to help enterprises avoid "cloud siloes"

Dell EMC on Monday, in conjunction with the VMworld conference, announced updates to its cloud-enabled platforms, infrastructure and services. The updates are designed to help enterprises avoid the “cloud siloes” that can keep an organization from realizing the full benefits of a multi-cloud strategy. “As more applications and traditional workloads move into various clouds, the proliferation of cloud siloes will… Read more →

How to get the best possible life – and safety – from your battery

Every battery has a finite lifespan, and this is given as the “recharge cycle” or “battery cycle.” Put simply, this is the number of charge/discharge cycles that a battery is expected to endure before it is no longer fit for service. Some hardware manufacturers publish this figure while others do not. For example, Apple makes this information available, stating that… Read more →

VMware buys CloudHealth to bolster cloud operations platform

VMware on Monday said that it will acquire CloudHealth Technologies, makers of a cloud operations platform that aims to help enterprises analyze cost, usage, security and performance of computing environments across native public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azur, and Google Cloud. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. directory We found 22 cloud services your business definitely needs to… Read more →

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 surprises

While the sale pitches all focus on what’s on the outside when it comes to modern smartphones, I think that we only really get to see what makes the device tick when we see the results of a teardown. And as usual, the folks at iFixit got their hands on the new Note 9 and carried out a thorough teardown… Read more →

AI impact: Rethinking education and job training

Artificial intelligence is pervasive; every major category of technology now incorporates AI techniques and the trend is growing. read this Everything you need to know about AI An executive guide to artificial intelligence, from machine learning and general AI to neural networks. Read More Although AI offers many benefits, risks and ethical issues abound. Despite having an enormous potential impact… Read more →

PCIe fabrics in the data center, but Ethernet strikes back

When FusionIO started shipping PCIe SSDs a decade ago, PCIe was confined to backplanes, and the inability to share FIO’s high-performance SSD was a major customer complaint. Times have changed. Today, PCIe is well on its way to becoming the preferred fabric for linking a half-dozen racks or so into a single infrastructure. PCIe is now part of Intel’s Rack… Read more →

Banking on iPhone X: Apple’s new phones are the razors, services are the blades

Think of it as razors and blades. Apple’s latest lineup of iPhones, which reportedly will adopt the iPhone X design, are the razors that cost you anywhere from $800 to $1,300. The recurring revenue — the razor blade — is going to be made on Apple services going forward. Simply put, the iPhone is going to be one expensive razor…. Read more →

VMware lowers entry price for VMware Cloud on AWS

ktsimage, Getty Images/iStockphoto VMware kicked off its VMworld conference in Las Vegas on Sunday by announcing that it’s lowering the entry price of VMware Cloud on AWS by 50 percent with new smaller configurations for production workloads. The virtualization giant is also rolling out a new set of capabilities that lets customers leverage AWS Direct Connect technology and VMware capabilities… Read more →

Galaxy Watch, Note 9, Surface Pro, Fortnite security (MobileTechRoundup show #442)

Get ready to drink after listening to MobileTechRoundup show #442 since both Kevin and I bought something since our last show. Image: ZDNet Matt bought a Galaxy Note 9 through the Samsung Upgrade Program 36 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Watch You’ll never believe what Kevin bought and why (Hint: It’s a Surface Pro) Nokia 7 Plus getting Android 9… Read more →