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McAfee opens lab to demo threats from lock picking to medical device hacking

McAfee isn’t known for its work on adversarial machine learning on autonomous vehicles. Yet at the new McAfee Advanced Threat Research Lab in Hillsboro, Oregon, automotive research is on full display. The lab is equipped with sensors used for vehicle autonomy, as well as an operational dashboard for an electronic vehicle. The lab even has two full-sized garage doors to… Read more →

​Network technologies are changing faster than we can manage them

Video: 5G services could change everything, but just not yet executive guide What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution It’s a capital improvement project the size of the entire planet, replacing one wireless architecture created this century with another one that aims to lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. Read More Software-defined networking (SDN),… Read more →

Does AI have the solution to climate change and human trafficking?

Video: One in four employees using AI at work: Survey When a company disrupts the traditional approach to AI solutions, it is worthwhile taking note — especially when the overall outcome is the betterment of humanity. Until now, citizenship has been defined by one’s place of birth, family lineage, or access to resources to get somewhere else. Now, a new… Read more →

Microsoft Surface Go: First impressions

Surface Go and the Type Cover On paper, Microsoft’s new Surface Go seems to offer some serious competition to Apple’s iPad. But how does the budget tablet feel in real life? Must read: Apple products you should not buy (August 2018 edition) With a starting price of $399, the Surface Go seems pretty compelling, and could be just the shake… Read more →

Alibaba cloud revenue climbs 93 percent to $710M

Alibaba Group’s cloud revenue has climbed 93 percent in its first quarter ended June 30, to hit US$710 million. The Chinese internet giant also points to Southeast Asia and South Asia as key targets of its international expansion, especially amidst the China-US tariff war. Commenting on its cloud revenue for the quarter, Alibaba said growth was fuelled by adoption of… Read more →

Elections 2018: Is misinformation killing democracy? The enemy is us

Video: EU to social networks: You’ll have one hour to remove terrorism related content Is it really too late to save the 2018 midterm elections from misinformation, hacking, and propaganda campaigns? Perhaps. But like all cybersecurity issues combating these issues, it really starts with us as individuals. Also: Fake news spreads faster than real news on Twitter, study shows CNET… Read more →

Photos: Retro computer games that Eastern Europe played as Iron Curtain fell

Home computers and video games were a luxury in Eastern Europe before the fall of the Iron Curtain and in the troubling years that followed it. People had to stand in line for food rations and basic household items, and many lived in cold, dark apartments, often experiencing power outages. Even in such circumstances, there were a few developers, like… Read more →

Medical records of high school students leaked in ‘appalling’ data breach

A data breach has taken place at a Melbourne high school which resulted in the confidential healthcare records of students being published online. The security incident, which took place at Strathmore secondary college in Melbourne, was deemed “nothing short of appalling” by Victoria education minister, James Merlino, as reported by The Guardian. In total, over 300 records were reportedly published… Read more →

Dr. Octopus-like robotic arms (that someone else controls)

What if you had two extra arms to help you with day-to-day tasks? A robotic backpack designed by Yamen Saraiji, an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Media & Design at Keio University in Japan, will get you part of the way toward realizing Dr. Otto Octavius’s engineering vision. With one catch: Someone else will be controlling the arms…. Read more →

Waymo could hit $10 billion revenue run rate around 2025, says analyst

Alphabet’s Waymo autonomous driving unit can be on a $1 billion revenue run rate before 2020 and hit $10 billion a bit after 2025, according to an Evercore ISI analysis. Then after that initial surge the big bets on Waymo will be off, according to Evercore ISI analyst Anthony DiClemente. What’s interesting about DeClemente’s analysis is that the assumption is… Read more →

Facebook’s Onavo VPN app removed from Apple App Store over privacy concerns

Facebook has removed its Onavo data security app from the App Store after Apple reportedly asked the social media giant to voluntarily withdraw the software. According to the Wall Street Journal, the app, a creation of Israeli mobile analytics startup Onavo, was deemed to violate company policy on data collection. Onavo was acquired by Facebook in 2013. At the time,… Read more →

AppleJeus: macOS users targeted in new Lazarus attacks

Researchers have uncovered a new campaign by the infamous Lazarus group which targets cryptocurrency exchanges in order to spread malware to Windows and macOS users. According to Kaspersky Lab, the new campaign, dubbed AppleJeus, first surfaced in an attack against a cryptocurrency exchange. Based in Asia, the cryptocurrency trading post’s network was infected with a Lazarus Trojan, leading to the… Read more →