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Johnson Controls Cortana-powered thermostat to work with Alexa, Google Assistant

After months of delays, Johnson Controls’ GLAS smart thermostat hit the pre-order stage this week. The thermostat, which is available on both Amazon and Johnson Controls’ sites, costs $319 and will ship starting August 24, as reported by Credit: Johnson Controls Microsoft and Johnson Controls originally hinted about the coming Windows 10 IoT/Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat in the summer of… Read more →

Intel scoops up to bolster Movidius team, support AI efforts

Intel this week quietly bought artificial intelligence startup, makers of a portable deep learning engine called PlaidML. The acquisition lines up with Intel’s product roadmap and efforts to win the AI chip war. Seattle-based Vertex was founded three years ago and just released its core product last October. PlaidML is a developer tool for deploying AI models on multiple… Read more →

What features would a $2,000 iPhone need to make it irresistable?

iOS Top 10 hidden iOS 11.4 shortcuts and tricks for the iPhone Source Article from features would a $2,000 iPhone need to make it irresistable? blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Necurs botnet launches fresh assault against banks

The Necurs botnet has been linked to a new campaign launched against financial institutions in order to spread Remote Access Trojans (RATs). According to Cofense, the campaign started on August 15. Spam messages were sent en masse to 2,700 banks. However, what makes this campaign interesting is that all targets were bank employees, which suggests a level of spear phishing…. Read more →

These wearable tech brands are a huge disappointment

Over one in three (38 percent) have abandoned Fitbit, saying that they could not focus on their workout when wearing the device. However, over half (54 percent) continue to use the tracker. Source Article from wearable tech brands are a huge disappointment blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

The year Windows died at home and nobody cared

In 2017, I argued that Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as we have traditionally understood it, has an expiration date. And for the Redmond software giant to move forward, the “death” of Windows probably will happen sooner rather than later. Read also: More Microsoft reorg moves shed light on cross-platform experience plans I described various architectural changes to the operating system… Read more →

Tableau hires new LatAm VP

Data visualization software firm Tableau hired Adriano Chemin as its new Vice President for Latin America. The executive started this month, is managing the region out of the company’s offices in Miami and reports to Executive Vice President of Sales and Support, Dan Miller. It’s the data plan, stupid: The dark side of digital transformation Data costs are now central… Read more →

Mouse and stylus roundup: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse, Azio Atom and Adonit Droid

Over the years I’ve shifted away from mice and pens to touchpads and touch screens. It’s a move that’s as much one of convenience as anything, sacrificing accuracy for reaching out and tapping a screen, and using a laptop as my day-to-day computing device. But now there’s a new generation of mice and other pointing devices that’s making me rethink… Read more →

Mozilla wipes 23 Firefox add-ons off the map for tracking user activity

Mozilla has eradicated 23 Firefox add-ons for monitoring user browsing habits and covertly sending data to remote servers. The move was prompted by Web Security, a Firefox browser add-on which was found to be tracking web page visits and sending this information to a server in Germany. The add-on has been downloaded over 220,000 times. Web Security was originally included… Read more →

‘Hacky hack hack': Teen arrested for breaking into Apple’s network

An Australian teenager may have found it amusing enough when he managed to break into Apple’s mainframe to name a folder full of stolen Apple files “hacky hack hack,” but law enforcement has not found it funny. A teenager from Melbourne, unnamed for legal reasons, is now facing criminal charges after he allegedly accessed Apple’s network without permission, leading to… Read more →

These Tags Convert Just About Anything Into a Smart Device

The revolution of smart devices marches on as researchers have made printable tags that mirror some functionality of standard smart gadgets. While that might sound like a major leap at first, it obviously comes with some important caveats. You can’t just slap these on a TV and get Hulu, but they do allow you to use them for some basic… Read more →