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Samsung Heavy Industries bets on AWS as it builds out its autonomous ship platform

Special feature Special report: Sensor’d Enterprise: IoT, ML, and Big Data (free PDF) This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, explores ways IoT is improving operations and delivering business value to enterprises around the world. Read More Samsung Heavy Industries, which is developing an autonomous shipping platform, named Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud vendor. The autonomous… Read more →

Tesla board: Elon Musk started talks about going private last week

Auto Maneuver: Tesla’s Model 3 can park without driver Six of Telsa’s board members on Wednesday confirmed they’ve met several times over the past week with CEO Elon Musk to discuss taking the company private. ​What is Hyperloop? Everything you need to know about the future of transport Hyperloop technologies could revolutionise travel: here’s everything you need to know about… Read more →

Back to school with Alexa: The ultimate guide

Video: Your future e-ink tablet might soon double as a sketchpad Updated for 2018 back to school. There’s no doubt Amazon’s Alexa has taken the home by storm. But what about dorm room living and getting ready for school? If you’re sharing a room with another student, cramming for exams, or living away from mom and dad for the first… Read more →

Wayfair bets that Magic Leap One can enhance shopping

The Magic Leap One augmented reality headset has launched for developers, creators and enterprises for $2,295 and online furniture retailer Wayfair is betting the device can lead to new shopping experiences. must read Augmented and virtual reality mean business: Everything you need to know An executive guide to the technology and market drivers behind the hype in AR, VR, and… Read more →

5 job categories AI will disrupt, and how mid-market companies are responding

Video: Top IT jobs and hiring trends for 2018 listed in Tech Pro Research survey Featured story Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rumors, features, price, and release date Stay up to date regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9, to be unveiled August 9. Read More Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming nearly every task, position, and organization in the marketplace,… Read more →

5 best Chromebooks for school in 2018

I started my “portable” computer life with a 22-pound KayPro II in 1982. Since then, I’ve used IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads, Compaq luggables, Nec Ultralites, Dell XPS 13s, the list goes on and on. These days, my laptop of choice is the Google Pixelbook. At a starting price of $999, this is not a Chromebook for everyone. But, if you… Read more →

WD’s Software Composable Infrastucture: Your own configurable cloud.

© Ferenc Cegledi, Getty Images/iStockphoto First, what is SCI? Imagine a server: some CPU(s); memory; and storage. There’s only so many CPU cycles, so many GB of memory and storage, and the bandwidth between all the pieces is fixed, set in silicon by engineers who have only the faintest idea of what your application may need. Now imagine a server… Read more →

Taking the pulse of machine learning adoption

Source: Recorded Future A few months back, we gave our take on a survey from the O’Reilly folks regarding interest in deep learning. The survey reported that interest was more than latent, but there’s little question that the bulk of the action today is in the (relatively) better understood confines of machine learning (ML). So on this go round, O’Reilly… Read more →

Anki’s delightful little robot is a step in the right direction for sidekick automation

I’m a home robotics curmudgeon. Want proof? Here’s proof. It’s not that I fear the robot overlords or prefer to spend my steamy August evenings whittling reindeer figurines out of soap by lamplight. I’m pro robot, and I’m mildly confident automation will be a net positive in the next century (hear that, future overlords?). What I’m not a fan of… Read more →

DeepLocker: When malware turns artificial intelligence into a weapon

Source photo AI can be used to automatically detect and combat malware — but this does not mean hackers can also use it to their advantage. Cybersecurity, in a world full of networked systems, data collection, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and mobility, has become a race between white hats and threat actors. Traditional cybersecurity solutions, such as bolt-on antivirus… Read more →

German police hacking hit by volley of complaints: Can ‘state trojan’ law survive?

Video: German police handed hacking powers to bypass encrypted communications. Civil rights activists and politicians will in the coming days launch a volley of constitutional complaints against the German government over its use of state-sponsored malware in criminal investigations. On August 24 last year, a new law came into effect that drastically expanded the number of investigations where hacking could… Read more →