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Western Digital rolls out tools for dynamic workloads in the data center

Western Digital on Tuesday announced a new family of devices, along with open standards and architecture, designed to bring software composable infrastructure (SCI) to the data center. The new offerings build on Western Digital’s efforts to expand its data center portfolio, as well as its commitment to the open community. The new OpenFlex architecture is showcased in the OpenFlex product… Read more →

Where are the best cities for millennial entrepreneurs to start businesses?

Video: Smart city index reveals who’s falling behind (London and NYC are laggy) Featured story Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rumors, features, price, and release date Stay up to date regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9, to be unveiled August 9. Read More The global generation of millennials are increasingly looking to moving abroad for work opportunities and starting their own… Read more →

Hey, Samsung and Google. What’s with the ‘accidental’ leaks?

I thought only the White House had a problem with this sort of thing. Few, though, accuse those leaks of being accidental. Featured story Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rumors, features, price, and release date Stay up to date regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9, to be unveiled August 9. Read More Phone manufacturers, however, now seem to employ giddy leak… Read more →

Voices Carry: Your voice is welcome, hear…

Video: How the lack of voice design impacts voice integration projects read this No, I won’t use the Amazon Echo to buy things. Because of Alexa The worry of Alexa messing things up isn’t worth the convenience. Read More Although I’ve been blogging at ZDNet for a couple of months about Amazon, Alexa, and other voice-first devices, this post marks… Read more →

Data science secrets in finance and media

Video: Data science and machine learning in marketing, media, and finance Data is the foundation of AI and thus crucially important to many of the most important techniques and trends in computing today. From marketing to accounting to photography and many other domains, data is the lifeblood of advanced software. At the same time, data science remains hidden as a… Read more →

Iran cited as growing threat in cybersecurity landscape

North Korea, the US, Russia, and Africa are all associated with different forms of cyberattack. The US first emerged on the scene as a place where state-sponsored groups were given the funds and resources to launch debilitating attacks through Stuxnet, a worm which — while the US link remains unproven — was utilized to attack centrifuge systems at an Iranian… Read more →

Airbnb for Work lands more companies for business travel

Airbnb is gaining scale as a work travel outlet and integration with enterprise software partners will likely give Airbnb at Work more momentum. In a statement, Airbnb outlined a few heady stats for its Airbnb for Work effort. Hotels have had a lock on travel bookings, but Airbnb is likely to disrupt the status quo and potentially drive prices down… Read more →

Manage Gmail attachments like a pro with Dittach 2.0

ZDNet’s Business Bargain Hunter scours the web for great deals on computers, phones, services and much more. Prices and availability are accurate at the time deals are shared. Some products and services may not be available outside the U.S. Follow BBH on Facebook and Twitter, where he’s known as The Cheapskate. Plus: You’ll find more Cheapskate deals on CNET. Dittach… Read more →

No, I won’t use the Amazon Echo to buy things. Because of Alexa

Source photo Amazon may have sold approximately 50 million Amazon Echo home assistants worldwide, but when it comes to voice-activated purchases through the device, few are biting. OC&C Strategy Consultants estimates that by 2022, voice-activated shopping will be an industry worth $40 billion, a massive jump from $2 billion this year. According to a report this week by The Information,… Read more →

Singapore explores virtual browsers following SingHealth data breach

Singapore is assessing the feasibility of rolling out virtual browsers to reduce the attack surface of healthcare systems, following a critical cybsecurity breach that compromised personal data of 1.5 million patients. Implementing virtual browsers would enable users to browse the web safely via quarantined servers, hence, reducing the number of potential attack points, said Singapore Health Minister Gan Kim Yong,… Read more →

Unisys aims for revenue growth in Brazil

Unisys is focusing on developing its business in Brazil and aims to grow local revenue by 60 percent this year. The country is the third most important market for the systems integrator after the US and the UK, currently representing 10 percent of global revenue. special feature Integrating the Hybrid Cloud As far and fast as cloud computing is embedding… Read more →