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For $56, this mobile charger can also top off your laptop

ZDNet’s Business Bargain Hunter scours the web for great deals on computers, phones, services and much more. Prices and availability are accurate at the time deals are shared. Some products and services may not be available outside the U.S. Follow BBH on Facebook and Twitter, where he’s known as The Cheapskate. Plus: You’ll find more Cheapskate deals on CNET. This… Read more →

Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions: Another new Windows variant on the way

In May, I heard talk that Microsoft was working on a new “multi-session” capability for Windows 10 that would allow users to provide remote desktop/app access to a small set of users from Windows 10 Enterprise, not Server. That functionality may be coming to fruition relatively soon. It looks like Microsoft will adding another new Windows 10 edition (commonly called… Read more →

New 2018 iPhone, iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9: Here’s what we know — and think we know — is coming

The next iPhone launch is likely mere weeks away, and the leaks and rumors are swirling, and the release of the iOS 12 beta also gives us some clues as to what Apple might have in store for us. Must read: Apple products you should not buy (August 2018 edition) New and upcoming phones Flagships we’re expecting this year It’s… Read more →

Experimental Brickbot stacks Legos just like a kid

For the past couple years, researchers in a San Francisco-based AI Lab operated by Autodesk, maker of AutoCAD and other 3D design software, have been teaching a robot to play with toys. Teaching might not be the right word. More accurately, the researchers have equipped their robot, which they’ve dubbed Brickbot, with the tools to teach itself how to assemble… Read more →

MikroTik routers enslaved in massive Coinhive cryptojacking campaign

A massive cryptojacking campaign has struck Brazil through the enslavement of MikroTik routers and networking devices. According to Trustwave researcher Simon Kenin, on July 31, a surge in Coinhive activity was detected which indicated that a malicious cryptocurrency mining operation was underway. In a blog post, the researcher said that upon further examination, it appeared to be MikroTik devices that… Read more →

Symantec shares fall after hours on weak Q2 outlook

Symantec published its first quarter fiscal 2019 results on Thursday that were in line with market expectations. However, shares fell by double digits in after-hours trading due to a weaker-than-expected second quarter outlook. The cybersecurity company posted Q1 non-GAAP earnings per share of 34 cents on revenue of $1.156 billion. Wall Street was looking for earnings of 33 cents per… Read more →