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MIT’s Cheetah 3 robot is effectively blind

Chipmakers like Nvidia and Qualcomm have been busy building products to bring vision intelligence to robots, but in some scenarios, robots may be better off relying on other capabilities to navigate their surroundings. That’s why the latest version of MIT’s Cheetah robot, the Cheetah 3, is designed to move across rough terrain and through obstacles without relying on vision. “Vision… Read more →

Brazil moves forward with online data protection efforts

Brazil has moved towards creating a better data protection environment on the Internet as a new Bill on the topic was passed this Tuesday (3). A Bill authored by congressman Milton Monti proposes the creation of a general legal framework to protect data about individuals and businesses online, which would prevent the commercial use of information such as names, telephone… Read more →

Tax Facebook use? Now there’s an idea

Video: Facebook gets month-long ban in Papua New Guinea Can we agree that we’ve all gone crazy lately? My friends are rolling around the basement floor, tweeting and Facebooking, and frankly, I’m getting a little worried. (Yes, that’s enough allusion to obscure Elton John lyrics.) Somehow, social media has become a peculiar battleground of invective, celebration, denigration, and downright nonsense…. Read more →

Uber-Grab merger found to impede Singapore market competition

The merger of ride-sharing companies Grab and Uber’s Southeast Asian operations has been found to impede market competition in Singapore and may be disbanded if proposed remedies are found to be insufficient. Uber in March 2018 agreed to sell its regional business to Grab–a transaction that was not made known to local competition watchdog, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore… Read more →

Windows 10 tip: Find out why your system unexpectedly wakes up after going to sleep

Use this report to find the driver or utility that’s preventing your Windows 10 PC from sleeping properly. Click to enlarge Windows 10’s power management settings are designed to put your system to sleep when you’re not using it, conserving energy usage and extending your battery life. You can, in fact, direct Windows to sleep on demand: Click Start, then… Read more →

Cheaper iPhone in a range of new colors coming in 2018, claims report

Renowned analyst and Apple-watcher Ming-Chi Kuo (who previously worked for KGI Securities, but moved to TF International Securities in April) claims that Apple is gearing up to release a cheaper iPhone later this year in a range of new colors. Must read: Don’t buy these Apple products (July 2018 edition) The report, seen by 9to5Mac, claims that the new iPhone,… Read more →

Ten unexpectedly useful Apple Watch apps

iPhone Best of the best iPhone accessories (July edition) Source Article from unexpectedly useful Apple Watch apps blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 for Apple iPhone X: Protection for both the front and back glass panels

top picks The 10 best smartphones of 2018 CES and MWC are over and it’s time to clear the dust and see what smartphones are leading the pack this year. Read More Glass screen protectors today are a common accessory where the tempered glass acts as a sacrificial panel to fail when you drop your phone so that the actual… Read more →

UK announces creation of London cybercrime court

The UK government has announced the creation of a specialist court to hear cases relating to cybercrime. The deal has been inked between the City of London Corporation and the judiciary and will result in the establishment of an 18-courtroom center, the UK government said on Wednesday. First announced back in October and now given the go-ahead, the court will… Read more →

This robotic insect walks on water

There’s no way around it: A crew of Harvard roboticists seems dead set on creating an army of mechanical cockroaches. Earlier this year, engineers at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) introduced a centimeter-scaled microrobot whose tiny joints function in a mechanically similar way to a roach‘s. The project was novel because it demonstrated that… Read more →

This keyboard attack steals passwords by reading heat from your fingers

File Photo A new attack has been presented by researchers which is able to record thermal residue from keyboards in order to steal credentials. According to scientists Tyler Kaczmarek, Ercan Ozturk, and Gene Tsudik from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the “Thermanator” approach could be used to exploit keyboards based on the heat signatures left by users. “It’s a… Read more →

Facebook acquires Bloomsbury AI team to automate the fight against fake news

Facebook has announced the acquisition of Bloomsbury AI in a bid to improve the firm’s natural language processing capabilities. London-based Bloomsbury AI‘s engineers will join the Facebook team in order to grow the social media giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) presence in the city, as well as “strengthen Facebook’s efforts in natural language processing research,” according to the company. Financial details… Read more →