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​Red Hat changes its open-source licensing rules

Video: Open source: Companies skipping security update face big risk ​How open source Apache’s ‘survival of the fittest’ ethos breeds better software The Apache Software Foundation operates on the soundest Darwinian principles, according to Hadoop firm Cloudera’s CTO, Amr Awadallah. Read More From outside programming circles, software licensing may not seem important. In open-source, though, licensing is all important. So,… Read more →

Napster hires LatAm head

Music streaming firm Napster has hired a new vice president for its business development and operations in Latin America. Taking digital music Universal Accessibility of digital music plays pivotal role in curbing piracy, while cloud services must ensure optimal consumer experience. Read More Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Marcio Kanamaru will be tasked with leading the company’s growth strategy in… Read more →

HP launches 3D printing center in China

HP launched a production 3D printing center in China as it plans to expand in Asia Pacific and Japan. The effort, in conjunction with Guangdong (Dali) 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform, is HP’s largest deployment in the region. The Lanwan Intelligence-HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology Mass Manufacturing Center includes 10 HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing systems and is designed… Read more →

IFS releases AI tool to simplify customer service

Video: These AI bots are solving customer problems AI bots and tools seem to permeate everything we do. From providing automated service to customers, answering simple queries, and detecting how customers are feeling, chatbots — sometimes with human intervention — can seem like they are taking over. How will we cope with the AI Chatbot takeover? Ordering lunch for a… Read more →

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus announced with offline music, Garmin Pay, maps, and more

Image: Garmin Garmin’s first GPS sports watch with music launched in March with the Forerunner 645 Music, followed by the mid-range Vivoactive 3 Music. Today, Garmin announced the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series that includes music, Garmin Pay, and more. The Garmin Fenix series is one of Garmin’s most expensive lines of high end GPS sports watches designed for the… Read more →

Otis Elevator CIO: Modern apps and IoT for digital transformation

Video: CIO interview Digital Transformation, IoT, and Otis Elevator (CXOTalk #292) We all know the brand name Otis Elevator, but I bet you did not know these facts: Annual revenue: $12 billion Founded in 1853: 165 years old Employees: 65,000 Field service mechanics: 33,000 Number of elevators in service: Over two million Number of users every day: Over two billion… Read more →

Microsoft buys Flipgrid, a video discussion platform for education

Microsoft has acquired Flipgrid Inc., a maker of video discussion software and services for the education market, for an undisclosed amount. Credit: Flipgrid Flipgrid counts more than 20 million educators, students and families in 180 countries as its customers, according to Microsoft. The Minneapolis, Minn.-based company was founded in 2015. Flipgrid’s service lets students create and share videos publicly or… Read more →

Why the Mac you know has no future

Video: WWDC 2018: Does Apple still care about macOS? Yesterday, I watched the WWDC 2018 keynote with anticipation. WWDC is ultimately a developer event, not a consumer one, so you have to look at it from the view of someone who writes software for Apple’s OS platforms. CNET: Here are the Macs that will work with MacOS Mojave | TechRepublic:… Read more →

Nvidia researchers use deep learning to create super-slow motion videos

Nvidia AI system fills in missing frames between the left and right images (in green borders), enabling high quality video play back in slow motion. Nvidia A team of Nvidia researchers this week are demonstrating how they’ve used deep learning to tackle a common challenge: producing a slow-motion video with existing video footage. The research team, presenting their paper at… Read more →

Almost one-quarter of budgets are wasted due on inauthentic influencer content

Consumers are becoming more sceptical about what they see online according to a new report on influencer content. special feature Enterprise Apps: The Next Generation Enterprise applications power the heart of business productivity, but they are traditionally difficult to implement, upgrade, and innovate. We look at how the next generation of enterprise apps could change the game. Read More Although… Read more →

Innovative AI start-ups out of Israel

Anodot Anodot is an AI analytics platform which analyses data to discover anomalies and unusual patterns in the data. It assesses what is normal for the business, and gives anomalies a score which can then highlight unusual behaviour from the set point. It then delivers alerts and data insights to determine the root cause of an issue in real time…. Read more →