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92 million accounts for DNA testing site MyHeritage found online

(Image: file photo) DNA testing site MyHeritage has said the company has been hacked. The Israel-based company said in a blog post this week that a security researcher found a file containing 92.2 million account records, including email addresses and scrambled passwords. The company said the breach affected all accounts up to and including to October 26, 2017. Read also:… Read more →

Oracle unveils Oracle Soar, a comprehensive cloud migration offering

Oracle on Tuesday unveiled a new package of tools and services called Oracle Soar, designed to help customers migrate applications to the cloud. Oracle Soar combines a set of automated migration tools with professional services, all provided by Oracle — a complete, in-house solution for migration. The semi-automated solution fits in with Oracle’s recent efforts to stand apart from other… Read more →

Who should brands partner with: Celebrity influencers or everyday influentials?

Video: Do social networks influence perception? Recent research has found that 86 percent of marketers and 89 percent of influencers are using Snapchat less for influencer marketing campaigns than they did last year. The influencer marketing study was conducted by New York-based influencer marketing network Activate (previously called Bloglovin’). Read also: What trends will dominate influencer marketing in 2018 It… Read more →

Facebook competitor promises blockchain currency for social content creators

Video: The two things you need to know about Blockchain Amidst concerns surrounding secret algorithms and the ever-decreasing organic reach of content on networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, content creators and growing brands are moving to alternative platforms for social engagement. As Facebook and Instagram become more difficult for content creators to monetize, a new blockchain-based social media platform… Read more →

Microsoft touts progress on bringing SAP to Azure

Microsoft and SAP are moving forward in their partnership around making more SAP software and services available on Azure. Credit: ZDNet On June 5, Microsoft provided a progress report, noting that the SAP Cloud Platform is now generally available on Azure. “Developers can now deploy Cloud Foundry based SAP Cloud Platform on Azure in the West Europe region. We’re working… Read more →

Why WWDC 2018 served as Mac’s death sentence

Video: WWDC 2018: Does Apple still care about macOS? Yesterday, I watched the WWDC 2018 keynote with anticipation. WWDC is ultimately a developer event, not a consumer one, so you have to look at it from the view of someone who writes software for Apple’s OS platforms. Read also: Will your Mac run macOS 10.14 Mojave? I am not a… Read more →

Apple’s Health Records API opens up to developers

Apple’s Health Records API is now open to developers. First announced in January, Apple has pitched the Health Records feature as a way to give consumers a hand-held electronic medical records (EMR) system that aggregates patient data into one view on the iPhone. ALSO SEE: Apple can win electronic medical record game with Health Records in iOS 11.3: Here’s 7… Read more →

CA Technologies, IBM forge mainframe DevOps, cloud pact

CA Technologies and IBM have forged a partnership designed to make the mainframe more amenable to cloud workloads and DevOps approaches. According to the companies, the partnership will combine IBM’s mainframes with CA tools to develop applications, optimize performance and co-mingle workloads in the cloud. The companies will jointly develop and sell services for IBM’s Cloud Managed Services on z… Read more →

Spark Summit 2018 Preview: Putting AI up front, and giving R and Python programmers more respect

Video: Machine learning: What it is and why it matters It shouldn’t be surprising given the media spotlight on artificial intelligence, but AI will be all over the keynote and session schedule for this year’s Spark Summit. The irony, of course, is that while Spark has become known as a workhorse for data engineering workloads, its original claim to fame… Read more →

Microsoft veteran Chris Jones leaves for customer data startup Amperity

Chris Jones, a longtime Microsoft executive, has left the company for a new role with a Seattle-based startup. Jones, who had been with Microsoft since 1991, started yesterday as Amperity Senior Vice President of Product, as announced by Amperity on June 5. Jones’ last day at Microsoft was May 31 .Jones’ most recent role at Microsoft was Director of HealthCare… Read more →

SAP launches HANA Data Management Suite

Credit: SAP SAP does not own its own hardware infrastructure. That has had large implications how it delivers the HANA database, where SAP doesn’t manufacture the database box, but instead certifies OEM partners to deliver it. And that’s the design pattern that’s driven SAP HANA Data Management Suite, which is aimed at integrating and managing data in federated environments, inside… Read more →