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The ethics lessons will continue until morality improves

Video: Facebook, Microsoft, and Google aim to woo developers Instead of leaping into the news that good old fashioned Windows desktop applications can include pieces of the ‘modern’ Windows APIs that were once reserved for UWP Store apps, or saying that any company can buy the 3D infrared camera from the HoloLens to build into their own devices, or even… Read more →

Microsoft to replace for free Surface Pro 4s with screen-flicker problems

After years of reports from some Surface Pro 4 users about screen-flickering problems, Microsoft is instituting a replacement program. Credit: Microsoft Unveiled on May 11, the replacement program — which is for both consumer and commercial customers — is outlined on Microsoft’s Support site. (Hat tip to The Verge for the link.) From the Microsoft site: “We have heard your… Read more →

Facebook to start fact-checking program in Brazil

Facebook has announced it will be launching a fact-checking program for Brazil next week. ​Web inventor wants Facebook, Google to lead the fight against ‘fake news’ Tim Berners-Lee has suggested empowering the internet giants do more to combat the abundance of ‘fake news’ on their respective platforms. Read More The initiative will be carried out in partnership with local fact… Read more →

Facebook updates business features on Messenger platform

Facebook on Friday is rolling out Messenger Platform 2.4, which includes several updates that give businesses more fine-grained control over their Messenger interactions with customers. The updates come a week after Facebook’s F8 developer conference, where it introduced this augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools for businesses on Messenger. Facebook noted last week that there are 200,000 developers… Read more →

RIP ZTE: Which Chinese smartphone company is next?

Video: ZTE ceases main operations after US ban Paranoia will destroy us Why Chinese tech isn’t spying on Americans The notion that the Chinese government would spy on corporations and our agencies with electronic devices manufactured by Chinese companies is not only absurd but would be catastrophic to furthering their ambitions in world trade. Read More ZTE, the fourth-largest smartphone… Read more →

Senator demands how police can locate any phone in seconds — without a warrant

(Image: file photo) A senator is demanding that the FCC investigate why a company, contracted to monitor calls of prison inmates, also allows police to track phones of anyone in the US without a warrant. The bombshell story in The New York Times revealed Securus, a Texas-based prison technology company, could track any phone “within seconds” by obtaining data from… Read more →

Go big at the office: This 27-inch Dell monitor is just $125

ZDNet’s Business Bargain Hunter scours the web for great deals on computers, phones, services and much more. Prices and availability are accurate at the time deals are shared. Some products and services may not be available outside the U.S. Follow BBH on Facebook and Twitter, where he’s known as The Cheapskate. Plus: You’ll find more Cheapskate deals on CNET. Dell… Read more →

Symantec shares plunge after board discloses internal investigation

Symantec is facing a brutal day on Wall Street after disclosing Thursday that its board is investigating concerns raised by an ex-employee. The cybersecurity firm didn’t reveal the nature of the employee’s concerns, and the uncertainly sent its stock plunging more than 30 percent on Friday. Symantec did say that the investigation would likely delay the release of its annual… Read more →

What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft’s most important subscription bundle, explained

What is Microsoft 365, in a nutshell? Microsoft 365 is an integrated bundle of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (aka EMS, which includes Intune device management, analytics and some Azure Active Directory capabilities), sold on a subscription basis. Microsoft 365 is the evolution of the bundles formerly known as “Secure Productive Enterprise E3 and E5.” Credit:… Read more →

Google I/O 2018: Key takeaways on Duplex, AI, privacy, Android

Google I/O 2018 provided a lot to consider when it came to artificial intelligence, mobility, and how data can be used to make services better. But as Google’s developer powwow is in the rear view mirror, it’s worth considering the high-level takeaways and lessons, as well as what they tell us about the company’s strategy. Here’s a look at the… Read more →

Robots go from soft to rigid (… jokes follow)

Researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute are building robots that incorporate novel structures capable of transforming from soft to rigid. The materials could solve an important problem: How do you combine the flexibility and durability of soft robots with the precision of traditional rigid engineering? Earlier this week I wrote about the impact soft grippers are likely to have on the… Read more →

Nigelthorn malware steals Facebook credentials, mines for cryptocurrency

File Photo A new malware campaign has been uncovered on Facebook which not only steals account credentials but also installs scripts for covert cryptocurrency mining. Cybersecurity firm Radware said in a blog post on Thursday that Nigelthorn is a new campaign which focuses on the Facebook social network. The malware is so called due to the abuse of a legitimate… Read more →