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Microsoft looks to Cortana, Teams, ambient intelligence for smarter meetings

Microsoft’s annual Build conference is where coding demos typically get the most love from attendees. But at Day 1 of Build 2018, a conceptual demo of how meetings in the future may work got just as much attention and applause, if not more. Microsoft foreshadowed some of these smart-meeting scenarios a year ago in a podcast, describing Cortana conference room… Read more →

Microsoft Build goes gaga for AI: Azure Machine Learning and beyond

For the first couple of years that Microsoft held its Build conference, the event was all about Windows. In the years since, the scope has widened and Build has become the company’s broad annual developer confab. At this year’s show, being held today through Wednesday in Seattle, there is no shortage of data- and AI-related announcements and demonstrations. If you… Read more →

After Equifax breach, major firms still rely on same flawed software

(Image: file photo) Last year’s massive data breach at Equifax should have been a wake-up call for the entire industry. Hackers stole 145 million records by exploiting a vulnerability in a widely used open-source web server software that the credit rating giant failed to patch months earlier. Names, addresses, social security numbers, and more were swiped — leaving Americans at… Read more →

Singapore MVNO offers public transit riders free data

Singapore mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Circles.Life, is offering public transit riders free data of up to 1GB a month. The new service was the result of a partnership with EZ-Link, which issued contactless payment cards used widely by commuters and as a payment option at more than 30,000 locations, including convenience stores, fast food outlets, and taxis. Singapore needs… Read more →

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Live Share collaboration service available to testers

Late last year, Microsoft offered a sneak peek of a new service that would allow developers to collaborate and share projects in a secure way. That service, known as Visual Studio Live Share, is available as of May 7 to testers. Microsoft announced the preview of Visual Studio Live Share during its Day 1 Build 2018 developer conference. Visual Studio… Read more →

Build 2018: Microsoft embraces Android and iOS, extends Timeline feature

This week at its Build developers conference, Microsoft will announce some significant additions to its mobile offerings. An update to the Microsoft Launcher app for Android will allow enterprise customers to access line of business applications directly from a custom home page on an Android-powered mobile phone. The new features are provisioned by Microsoft Intune. CNET: Build 2018: Livestream, start… Read more →

Microsoft opens its ‘BrainWave’ AI-on-FPGA service to external testers

Microsoft’s Project BrainWave — its effort to use Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology to provide fast AI processing in Azure — is now in preview in a couple of different forms. On May 7, Day 1 of its Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft execs said they are making available a preview of Azure Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered… Read more →

Microsoft delivers new edge-computing tools that use its speech, camera, AI technologies

Credit: ZDNet Microsoft is out to show that it can still be a player in the computing realm, even as it moves further away from its heritage as “the Windows company.” On the opening day of its annual Build developer conference — the first since its reorg last month via which Windows was split up and integrated into other units… Read more →

MIT’s MapLite brings self-driving vehicles to country roads

The development of self-driving vehicles is in full swing, but there are bumps in the road ahead. Companies including Google are testing full fleets of autonomous vehicles, but one of the major obstacles is that self-driving systems require maps of their environments in order to avoid objects, hazards, and to navigate safely. Driving-related objects, including stop signs, pedestrian crossings, curbs,… Read more →

$820 million for maker of a Stormtrooper robot? Here’s why it was a smart move.

Chinese robotics company UBTech just landed $820 million in a Series C round led by Tencent. Founded just five years ago, the company now has an eye-popping valuation of $5 billion. That’s a lofty assessment for what currently amounts to an unsuccessful toy company. But I have a hunch Tencent and other investors are on the ball as they look… Read more →

Apricorn USB 3.0 Aegis Padlock DT drive

Storage How to completely erase any device Source Article from USB 3.0 Aegis Padlock DT drive blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Apricorn USB 3.0 Aegis Padlock DT drive – Up to 12TB of hardware-based encrypted storage

External hard drives are a great backup and portability solution, but if they are used to store sensitive data then they can also be a security minefield. Enter the Apricorn USB 3.0 Aegis Padlock DT drive. See also : Don’t buy these Apple products (May 2018 edition) There is no shortage of encryption solutions available for external hard drives. Problem… Read more →