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​Cisco joins the Kubernetes cloud rush

Video: The age of cloud data center dominance is here techrepublic Kubernetes: The smart person’s guide Kubernetes is a series of open source projects for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Find out why the ecosystem matters, how to use it, and more. Read More If you want to manage containers on the cloud, chances are you’re… Read more →

The road to automation, the joy of work, and the ‘Jen problem’

Video: Robots challenge traditional economic analysis: Why raise wages? If someone told you productivity in the UK is at the lowest level since the 18th century, how would you react? Skepticism would be warranted, because that’s actually not true. Still, it provided the backdrop for an in-depth discussion on productivity and the future of work in relation to technology with… Read more →

Mark Zuckerberg’s plea to developers at F8: Keep building with us

After months of scrambling to tamp down controversy after controversy, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday kicked off the annual F8 developer conference by attempting to strike a positive note. “We have real challenges to address, but we have to keep that sense of optimism, too,” he said during his keynote address in San Jose, California. Facebook and the developers… Read more →

Facebook is updating Workplace to move it beyond collaboration

Facebook on Tuesday rolled out a series of new integrations for Workplace, the enterprise version of the Facebook platform, that aim to make it more than just a collaboration and communications tool. Announced at the F8 developer conference in San Jose, California, the new integrations should help enterprise customers discover popular enterprise tools, such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Atlassian’s Jira,… Read more →

Facebook tries to lure more businesses to Messenger with AR, AI capabilities

In two years, Facebook has turned Messenger into a thriving commercial hub. There are now more than 300,000 active bots on the platform, and 200,000 developers building on it, Facebook said Tuesday. More than 8 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month — four times the number of messages exchanged a year ago, when Facebook committed to… Read more →

Microsoft adds new mail, calendar, mobile features across its various Outlook clients

The Outlook team is adding — and planning to add — a bunch of new features across the many flavors of Outlook starting now and continuing through the summer. Credit: Microsoft In an April 30 blog post on what’s now known as the “Microsoft 365″ blog (formerly the Office blog), Microsoft officials detailed the coming updates and provided timing for… Read more →

Cisco’s service provider video unit sold back to private equity firm

Cisco said on Tuesday that it’s shedding its service provider video software unit in order to concentrate resources on its core businesses. The deal has private equity firm Permira essentially buying back the video software business that it sold to Cisco in 2012 for $5 billion. Permira plans to rebrand the business and run it as a standalone company once… Read more →

Amazon’s AWS just kicked some censorship-evading apps to the curb

Signal relies on domain fronting to evade censorship. (Image: file photo) Amazon Web Services has become the latest cloud giant to switch off its domain fronting service. The cloud giant said late last week that “the new measures are designed to ensure that requests handled by CloudFront are handled on behalf of legitimate domain owners.” Amazon’s move comes just a… Read more →

iOS 11.3.1 fixes some things, breaks other things

iOS 11.3.1 iOS 11.3.1, an iOS update released to fix unresponsive iPhone 8 handsets repaired with third-party displays, is itself buggy. See also : High-performance storage: From flash drives to server hard drives I’ve come across reports of two issues. The first is an audio skipping issue (which also seemed to be present in iOS 11.3, but iOS 11.3.1 seemed… Read more →

This malware checks your system temperature to sidestep sandboxing

GravityRAT is a Trojan which checks the temperature of a system to detect the presence of virtual machines (VMs) and prevent efforts at analysis by researchers. By taking thermal readings, the Remote Access Trojan (RAT), which has become a recent menace in India, attempts to find out whether or not VMs are being employed for the purpose of decompiling efforts… Read more →

iOS 11 tips and tricks everyone should know

Mobility Trekz Air wireless bone conduction headphones: Run safer hearing your environment Source Article from 11 tips and tricks everyone should know blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Atari’s Linux-powered VCS console gets pre-order date, $199 starting price

Atari VCS The Atari VCS (formerly known as Ataribox) is edging closer to no longer being vaporware with the company’s announcement today that it will finally be available for pre-order. The video game console/mini-PC combo is slated to go on sale on May 30 via crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Even better, we learn a few more details about a system that… Read more →