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Smartphones: Is there any innovation left in this market?

Video: Smartphones: Is there any innovation left? Welcome to what I hope is the first of a regular series of virtual roundtable discussions about important questions facing the future of technology. In this installment, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Jason Perlow, and I look at where we’re going with smartphones. Jason’s comment from a few weeks ago — “We have almost certainly reached… Read more →

Coinbase buys, names first CTO

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said on Monday that it has acquired, makers of a paid email product that lets people earn bitcoin for replying to emails or completing surveys. As part of the deal, co-founder Balaji Srinivasan will join Coinbase as its first ever chief technology officer. Srinivasan will also take on an evangelist role for Coinbase and cryptocurrency… Read more →

IT pros are not confident their organizations have the skills to take advantage of AI

Video: A new approach to AI: Helping entrepreneurs solve market problems A survey that has examined the adoption and usage of intelligent assistants and AI chatbots in the workplace has been carried out by Austin, Texas-based technology network Spiceworks. The advancement of AI across industries shows that this technology is becoming an integral part of workplace software across PCs and… Read more →

GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Mjolnir Tool Set Puts a Hammer Inside a Hammer

I like tools that are designed ergonomically, for simple and easy use. I also like tools that can be easily weaponized. ThinkGeek’s Thor Hammer Tool Set falls squarely in the latter category, since it’s basically a full toolbox on the end of a stick. Ever wonder how Thor fixes things around the house? Well, probably Asgardian magic-science. But since you’re… Read more →

ZTE slapped with export restrictions by US Commerce Department

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE has been hit with US export restrictions related to charges that it illegally shipped telecom equipment to Iran and North Korea. Paranoia will destroy us Why Chinese tech isn’t spying on Americans The notion that the Chinese government would spy on corporations and our agencies with electronic devices manufactured by Chinese companies is not only absurd… Read more →

Fake Android apps used for targeted surveillance found in Google Play

The apps were downloadable from Android’s app store, and targeted around a thousand people. (Image: file photo) Security researchers have found two separate instances of hackers using Android apps to conduct highly targeted surveillance in the Middle East. Hackers are using this Android malware to spy on Israeli soldiers Social engineering employed to distribute ViperRAT malware which uses infected devices… Read more →

iOS 12: Which iPhones and iPads will it render obsolete?

If you’re currently using an older iPhone or iPad, the upcoming iOS 12 might bring with it bad news and a trip to the Apple Store to buy new stuff. Currently, iOS 11 supports the following devices. iPhone: iPhone X iPhone 8/8 Plus iPhone 7/7 Plus iPhone 6s/6s Plus iPhone 6/6 Plus iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPad: 12.9‑inch iPad Pro… Read more →

Brazil demands rules on data flows from WTO

Brazil is pushing for the establishment of rules around Internet data flows and has presented a document on the subject to the World Trade Organization (WTO) last week to stress the urgency of starting a more objective debate. Facebook prying: Watchdogs hit back on excessive harvesting of your data Amid concerns over Facebook’s use of tracking users with pixels, Belgium… Read more →

Bank web apps are the "most vulnerable" to getting hacked, new research says

Next time you check your bank account online, think again. (Image: stock photo) Bad news if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of online banking users around the world. The chances are your bank’s website and web apps are horribly insecure. Researchers at security firm Positive Technologies, which has a commercial stake in securing web apps, tested 33 websites… Read more →

Reliance on robots partially to blame for Model 3 production delays, says Elon Musk

A surfeit of automation introduced too quickly in Tesla’s Model 3 production line may be partially to blame for delays. That’s according to Elon Musk, who gave CBS This Morning host Gayle King a walkthrough of the Model 3 line and answered questions about missed targets and production delays. Since launching last summer, the Model 3, which costs $35,000 for… Read more →

Ancient EITest infection chain sinkholed by security teams

Researchers have struck a serious blow against threat actors by sinking the age-old infection chain EITest. Last week, Proofpoint researchers revealed that EITest has now been sinkholed due to the efforts of the company together with teams from and BrilliantIIT. Dating back to 2011, the infection chain has been used to deliver support scams, backdoors, and other payloads including… Read more →

Tesla Autopilot will never be perfect, says Elon Musk

Tesla cars’ Autopilot driver-assistance system will never be perfect, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Sunday on CBS This Morning, following an Autopilot fatality in March. “It’s important to emphasize we’ll never be perfect,” Musk said. “Nothing in the real world is perfect. But I do think that long term, it can reduce accidents by a factor of 10. So there… Read more →