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Google Sheets gets macros

Google on Wednesday added a key feature to Sheets, the productivity tool that’s part of G Suite. The spreadsheets tool can finally record macros, helping users to automate repetitive tasks. The Sheets macro recorder lets you record actions and play them back on command. Sheets Macros are built for cloud-based files, so teams can run macros while others are working… Read more →

Box adds new administrator tools for better visibility

Box on Tuesday is rolling out updates to the Box Admin Experience, giving administrators better visibility across the enterprise. The update includes a new dashboard that gives admins information about where Box is being accessed and what the most popular integrations are. It also gives insight into key user activities such as upload, download, preview, login, and edit. The updated… Read more →

Facebook’s Zuckerberg holds own before Congress, preserves monetization machine

After two days of hearings on Capitol Hill, the consensus is that marketers will stick with Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg held his own, regulation of some sort is likely and the overall business impact to the social networking giant will be minimal. Speaking at his second hearing in two days before Congress Wednesday, Zuckerberg emphasized many of the points before… Read more →

62 percent of Amazon deliveries may flow through USPS

It is possible that 62 percent of Amazon’s U.S. shipments flow through the U.S. Postal Service, according to an expert commissioned by Jefferies. If that estimate is anywhere near correct it highlights the stakes as President Trump takes on Amazon via Twitter. The Amazon-Trump Twitter flare up revolves around a bevy of core issues, but roughly speaking here’s the breakdown…. Read more →

From paper tape to a patched-together Altair 8800, the story of my first computers

(Image: Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Wash.) The other day, I was driving down the road and pulled up behind a stopped car. It was sitting in the middle of the road. After waiting a few minutes and using all my self-control to avoid unleashing an I-was-raised-in-New-Jersey barrage of angry beeping, I drove around. Wouldn’t you know it? The driver… Read more →

Here’s the next iPad Pro Apple should build: Specs and speculation

Video: Hands-on with Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad for education See also I don’t want an iPad Pro, I want an OS X tablet ​Reports are circulating that Apple is preparing to unveil a larger, enterprise and power-user focused (and undoubtedly more expensive) iPad called the iPad Pro. Read More In July 2010, I wrote about the next-generation iPad and what… Read more →

Qualcomm launches systems-on-chips for vision intelligence, IoT

Video: A new approach to AI: Helping entrepreneurs solve market problems Two weeks ago I covered a series of announcements from GPU powerhouse Nvidia, around new AI-focused products. Among these announcements was a partnership around the integration of certain Nvidia technology into ARM chip designs, specifically to deliver optimized AI processing in IoT devices. Also read: Nvidia doubles down on… Read more →

OWC ThunderBlade SSD: Extreme storage for professionals

If you’re looking for serious storage, you need to take a look at OWC’s latest creation – the ThunderBlade. Must read: iOS 11.3: Tips, tricks, and how to fix the biggest annoyances The ThunderBlade is a sleek, stylish, yet rugged ThunderBolt 3 enabled external hard drive. Inside the unit are four M.2 SSDs, with capacities up to 2TB each, with… Read more →

Sensors under the skin monitor your alcohol intake

David Baillot/UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering Researchers have created a chip which can be embedded in your skin to monitor the intake of alcohol and potentially other substances. Engineers from the University of California San Diego say the chip, which is small enough to be implanted under the surface of the skin, may help rehabilitation centers dealing with… Read more →

Before the IoT leap – Architectural principles, devices and data

The concept of the Internet of Things has revolutionised the opportunities for businesses to take their operational efficiency to a new level. The combination of smart sensors, connected devices, and intelligent operation can unearth new dimensions of opportunities in this digital era. Information Technology giants like Microsoft are investing heavily in software offering around IoT. This includes ready to consume… Read more →