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Fitbit Q1 outlook stumbles amid business model pivot

File photo Fitbit reported fourth quarter financial results Monday that missed analyst estimates. Fitbit reported net loss of $46 million, or 19 cents a share, on revenue of $571 million. The company reported a non-GAAP loss of 2 cents a share compared to estimates calling for it to break even and revenue of $588.89 million. Fitbit sold 5.4 million devices… Read more →

Is 5G the missing link for autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and a brave new world?

Video: Big mobile tech players eye 5G rollout as groundwork ready Every telco seems to be pushing out news about 5G these days. With Mobile World Conference taking place, and as noted having morphed from a consumer show to a a business event, this is hardly surprising. Alongside 5G, machine learning, AI and cloud are seen as the technologies that… Read more →

Apple may no longer be using Microsoft’s Azure

Video: Microsoft’s Azure boosts security with “confidential computing” service must read What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. Read More In 2011, rumors were flying that Apple was running part of its iCloud… Read more →

Apple is planning a super-sized iPhone with a cheaper model, claims report

Video: Apple still the world’s runaway winner in smartphone earnings A report claims that Apple is planning a big revamp of its iPhone line up this year after sales of the iPhone X fell short of expectations. Must read: Apple products you shouldn’t buy in 2018 According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has three new iPhone handsets in the… Read more →

Microsoft’s steady retreat from consumer products is nearly complete

Video: Microsoft wants AI to help, not replace humans In the Satya Nadella era, Microsoft is all business. Well, almost all business. Microsoft’s gaming division seems pretty healthy these days. Anchored by the Xbox console and some popular game titles, that division brought in nearly $4 billion in revenue in the quarter that ended on Dec. 31, 2017. That’s about… Read more →

SAP updates its Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

At Mobile World Congress this week, SAP is updating its SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS with new controls and tighter integration with the Xcode dev environment. The enterprise software giant is also introducing a new consumption-based commercial model for customers configuring and using SAP Cloud Platform services. SAP said the new consumption model makes it easier to obtain cloud… Read more →

Qualcomm offers olive branch in Broadcom talks

File Photo Despite pushing back against Broadcom’s hostile takeover bid, Qualcomm has now proposed a revised agreement which the firm says “resolve all issues between the two companies other than price.” In November, Broadcom offered $70 per share to Qualcomm shareholders in an unsolicited acquisition bid. Despite being ramped up to $82 per share, or approximately $146 billion, this figure… Read more →

Fail-slow at scale: When the cloud stops working

If you’ve ever had a system fail-slow, you know how maddening it is. The lights are on, the fans are running, but nobody is home. Is it software? A background process run amok? must read What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service An introduction to cloud computing from… Read more →

Brazilian and German development banks agree blockchain partnership

The Brazilian Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) and Germany’s development bank KfW have approved a memorandum of understanding around the improvement of blockchain software TruBudget. see also Yes, Blockchain could reverse the course of civilization and upend the world’s most powerful companies Businesses often win by centralizing resources and extracting value, and today’s governments and financial systems empower them… Read more →

Hacker returns 20,000 ETH stolen during CoinDash ICO When cryptocurrency platforms, hackers, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) hit the spotlight, it is rarely good news. ICOs, events in which project or company tokens are exchanged for traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), are now a prime target for attackers. Time and time again ICOs are compromised, investor funds are stolen, or exit scams — in… Read more →

Watch a robotic snake use its scales to slither forward

The roboticists of Harvard like things that are creepy crawly. First came the cockroach-inspired robot. Now there’s a giant inflatable snake inching its way through Harvard Yard. A team of researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) developed the soft robot, which uses friction-assisted locomotion inspired by the scales of a snake. A… Read more →