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The data center takes form, and businesses adapt or perish

Video: The age of cloud data center dominance is here “As time progresses, a database is bound to change in terms of the types of information stored in it. In fact, there is likely to be a significant expansion in the kinds of information stored in any database. Such expansion should not require changes to be made in application programs…. Read more →

Brazilian 4G availability improving slowly

Brazil continues to underperform in LTE reach, ranking in the bottom 10 of 88 countries in 4G availability, according to stats from wireless coverage mapping firm OpenSignal, released yesterday. 4G, 5G. OMG! When your smartphone rocks but your network sucks New innovations shown at MWC for mobile handsets appear promising, but the key issue that seems to be ignored is… Read more →

DataTorrent: Hard code around streaming data philosophy in 90 days

The age of cloud data center dominance is here We give you streaming data applications in 90 days, no matter what. And we’ll do anything, including building on our closest competitor’s engine, to deliver. This is not something we are used to hearing, coming from Big Data vendor CEOs. But it’s the essence of what DataTorrent CEO Guy Churchward told… Read more →

Google makes Cloud IoT Core service generally available

Google Google on Wednesday announced its Cloud IoT Core service to connect and manage IoT devices is now generally available, after spending time in public beta since September 2017. Google launched Cloud IoT Core in May 2017 with the support of NXP, targeting smart city and enterprise deployments like utilities and transportation. Customers can use the service with other Google… Read more →

Google launches enterprise Android device recommendation program, omits Samsung

Google is aiming to help Android’s prospects in the enterprise by recommending devices that met its requirements for enterprise use. One notable exclusion from the Android Enterprise Recommended program is Samsung. The recommendation program from Google could be a boon for device makers included in the program, but Android is playing catch up in the enterprise. Samsung isn’t on the… Read more →

AMD debuts embedded EPYC and Ryzen processors

Introducing EPYC embedded and Ryzen embedded Embedded versions of AMD’s EPYC and Ryzen processors have landed, taking the Zen architecture to new places, filling out the company’s processor portfolio, and putting even more pressure on Intel. Must read: Apple products you shouldn’t buy in 2018 The past year or so has been a busy time for AMD. Since the launch… Read more →

How the cloud will save – and change – disk drives

must read What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. Read More At a past Usenix FAST conference, Eric Brewer, Google’s VP of Infrastructure, gave a keynote address, Disks and their Cloudy Future. For… Read more →

Broadcom reveals new offer for Qualcomm in response to NXP traction

File Photo It was possible that in response to Qualcomm’s push to finish up the acquisition of NXP Semiconductors by sweetening the deal, Broadcom would take the hint and give up the chase. However, it seems that Broadcom is still fired up over a potential Qualcomm buyout and in response, rather than leaving the table, the company has altered its… Read more →

Qualcomm, Microsoft ‘Always Connected’ PCs to hit store shelves

Qualcomm Qualcomm and Microsoft have announced that international retailers have signed up to stock the new “Always Connected” PC range. On Wednesday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the tech giants said that a range of the Always Connected Windows 10 PCs, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform, will soon be available in stores. During Spring, the… Read more →

North Korean Reaper APT uses zero-day vulnerabilities to spy on governments

A hacking group has been utilizing an array of zero-day vulnerabilities to conduct surveillance on behalf of North Korea, researchers have warned. According to cybersecurity firm FireEye, the advanced persistent threat (APT) group, dubbed “Reaper,” uses a range of zero-day vulnerabilities and malware to carry out attacks against victims related to the North Korean government’s interests. On Tuesday, FireEye said… Read more →

Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency raises $735 million at launch, perhaps

File Photo Despite concerns over the viability and backing of the Petro cryptocurrency, it appears that Venezuela’s coin may have done well during a pre-sale event if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is to be believed. techrepublic How Sephora is leveraging AR and AI to transform retail and help customers buy cosmetics Beauty retailer Sephora followed customer technology trends to command… Read more →

South Australia’s GigCity plan is not what it seems

(Screenshot: Stilgherrian/ZDNet) Hardcore fibre fundamentalists will doubtless see Tuesday’s announcement by the South Australian government as a dream come true. Gigabit fibre to the premises (FttP) broadband, and cheaper than the National Broadband Network. Hurrah! Except it’s not quite that. What we actually have is nothing more than a two-page press release outlining a broad intention — a press release… Read more →