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Top iOS apps for productivity: Get more done with your iPhone or iPad

Innovation We rank the technologies most likely to change the world by 2028 Source Article from iOS apps for productivity: Get more done with your iPhone or iPad blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

​SpaceX to launch internet from the sky

Video: Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test flight ​SpaceX plots 4,000 satellite constellation for home broadband SpaceX has revealed technical details of the constellation of satellites it wants to launch as an internet service provider (ISP) for the globe. Read More SpaceX made headlines when it put a Tesla on its way to Mars, with the successful launch of… Read more →

Brazilian IT market gathers momentum in 2018

The end of the recession appears to be in the horizon for the Brazilian IT market as predicted growth could reach 5.8 percent in 2018, according to the annual forecast for the sector by analyst firm IDC. special feature Tech Budgets 2018: A CXO’s Guide Our research shows where organizations are spending their IT budgets in 2018 and what their… Read more →

Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pen, laptop portfolio miss opportunity to connect company’s other devices, services

Video: Samsung hides an S Pen inside new Notebook 9 Pen Samsung opts for smarter smart TV experience Samsung has powered-up its Smart TV experience with a ‘One Remote’ control and an upgraded voice recognition feature that will allow consumers to use smart features more smartly, says its development team. Read More Samsung latest laptop lineup led by the Notebook… Read more →

iPhone owners plagued by yet another iOS 11 bug

Video: Change these iOS 11 privacy and security settings now iPhone battery life bad after installing iOS 11? Here’s what you can do Installing a new iOS update can hit your battery life hard. Here’s how you can make things better. Read More iPhone owners, brace yourself for yet another bug that pranksters and other ne’er-do-wells can use to crash… Read more →

Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pen, laptop portfolio miss opportunity to connect company’s other devices, services

Samsung latest laptop lineup led by the Notebook 9 Pen is notable, but misses key opportunities on multiple fronts to provide connective tissue between its products and services. The reviews of the Notebook 9 Pen are in and most tout Samsung’s use of the S Pen stylus as a bridge to the Galaxy Note 8, but gripe about the overall… Read more →

Reflect: Embedded meta analytics, built for developers

Video: How big data powers digital transformation Analytics and data visualization are commoditized. There is a wide selection of solutions, ranging from traditional BI tools to self-service and cloud-based solutions, and from full stack suites to bare bones libraries. This is either a nightmare to navigate or a consumer’s delight, depending on how you look at it. From the vendor… Read more →

Oracle buys DDoS software maker Zenedge

Oracle on Thursday announced that it’s acquiring cybersecurity firm Zenedge. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Oracle said Zenedge helps businesses secure applications and databases from malicious web traffic via its web application firewall (WAF) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation products. Zenedge claims that its products can lead to a 99 percent reduction in dangerous website… Read more →

Young people don’t read traditional media, but could Squid lure them back?

Squid learns a user’s preferences and adapts to them, offering a huge amount of fast-changing, targeted content. Image: Squid It’s fair to say the media, from newspapers to news sites through myriad other delivery mechanisms, is obsessed with the younger audience. That obsession is especially true of traditional media such as newspapers, but applies just as much to newer forms… Read more →

Hack the Air Force 2.0 uncovers over 100 vulnerabilities

File Photo The second Hack the Air Force bug bounty challenge, Hack the Air Force 2.0, has resulted in 106 vulnerabilities being reported and fixed. On Thursday, bug bounty platform HackerOne revealed that the 20-day competition to find vulnerabilities in federal systems resulted in $103,883 in payouts, bringing the total amount of financial rewards to over $233,000 to date. Hackers… Read more →

Bitcoin thieves use Google AdWords to target victims

File Photo Researchers have uncovered a Bitcoin-stealing cybercriminal gang which has stolen millions of dollars by exploiting Google AdWords. On Wednesday, cybersecurity experts from Cisco Talos revealed that with the help of the Ukraine Cyberpolice, the team has been able to track and monitor the group over the past six months. In a blog post, researchers Jeremiah O’Connor and Dave… Read more →

A praying mantis wearing tiny glasses holds the key to robot vision

Researchers at Newcastle University have discovered that praying mantises, the only insect known to have 3D vision, see the world far differently than other animals able to perceive depth. Most animals with stereo vision evaluate the distance of objects by comparing slight variations in images captured with each of their eyes. When I open and close my right and left… Read more →