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​How to stream the 2018 Winter Olympics

Video: VPN: Why you should hide your IP address MIT conference Sports analytics: How ‘Moneyball’ meets big data (gallery) Bill James and Billy Beane have led the way for sports teams to make strategic decisions based on analyzing data rather than watching the actual games or players. Read More Hell hath no fury like a household fighting over whether to… Read more →

No telecommuting allowed: Why is Google investing billions of dollars in office buildings?

Could telework help your career? Survey finds mixed results see also Microsoft: We’re razing our Redmond campus to build a mini city No more cars, new soccer and cricket fields, cafes, bike tracks, bridges, light rail, and more. Read More For being such a huge digital company there is nothing virtual about Google when it comes to its office space:… Read more →

Justice Dept. charges 36 alleged scammers for $530 million cyber-fraud scheme

(Image: supplied) The Justice Department has charged 36 individuals with connections to a cyber-fraud ring that claimed more than $530 million in stolen funds in its seven-year history. The group, known as the Infraud Organization, were charged with nine counts, including conspiracy to racketeer, wire fraud, and computer crimes. The group acquired, sold, and disseminated stolen identities, compromised credit and… Read more →

Google Drive comment functionality now includes Microsoft files

Google announced that G Suite is expanding Google Drive’s comment capabilities to include Microsoft and other files such as PDFs and images. techrepublic Here’s what developers really think about AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform providers lack adequate support resources for developers. Read More The functionality will let users comment on and assign tasks to any file, including PDFs… Read more →

Cognizant aims to retrain its massive employee base for digital transformation, multiple skills

Cognizant has labor on its mind as it aims to retrain its employee base as its business is increasingly driven by digital services. The company’s fourth quarter earnings conference call illustrated how managing its labor resources better–and layering in automation–is key to its goal to improve non-GAAP operating margin to 22 percent in 2019 over time. Cognizant reported a strong… Read more →

Workday launches $250 million venture fund

Workday announced Wednesday that it’s launching a $250 million venture fund focused emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, and augmented and virtual reality. techrepublic Here’s what developers really think about AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform providers lack adequate support resources for developers. Read More Workday also announced that CFO Robynne Sisco and field operations… Read more →

The new iMac Pro is actually cheaper than the original Mac

CNET: Apple iMac Pro first look No matter how you price it, the new iMac Pro is spendy. Fully-equipped, it pops eyeballs at a nose-bleedingly expensive $13,199. Even the base unit, at $4,999, is pricey. But is the iMac Pro really the most expensive Mac ever? No. As it turns out, accounting for inflation, the original Mac 128K introduced by… Read more →

Researchers found a way to unmask Strava users’ hidden locations

A supposed privacy feature in Strava’s fitness tracking app may have exposed the private, hidden locations of its users. NATIONAL SECURITY How Strava’s “anonymized” fitness tracking data spilled government secrets The fitness tracking service may “anonymize” the user, but that isn’t helpful when that user inadvertently reveals the location of sensitive government facilities. Read More The feature, known as “privacy… Read more →

Intel unveils Xeon D-2100 processors

Intel unveils the Xeon D-2100, a groundbreaking data center processor architecture optimized in a system-on-a-chip (SoC) design aimed at lower-power, high-density edge solutions, integrating essential network, security and acceleration capabilities. Must read: Apple products you shouldn’t buy in 2018 Here are the highlights from the new line: 14nm process technology Up to 18 cores, 36 threads Up to 512 GB… Read more →

IBM Simplifies Analytics Pricing

A key draw of the cloud is the way it simplifies software licensing. Instead of perpetual licenses, you bought subscriptions. While the spotlight was on the fact that cloud subscriptions could come out of operating, rather than capital budgets, subscriptions carried another hidden advantage. If you didn’t need the software or service, you weren’t burdened with a sunk cost; you… Read more →

Behold, the self-driving suitcase

I’ve been wrong before. Plenty of times. Twitter? Never gonna be a thing. That guy is running for president? Gimme a break. But this time I’m feeling confident. Self-driving luggage is a bridge too far. Against me in this debate are a handful of companies that have recently debuted next-gen suitcases designed to follow the leader, as well as a… Read more →

Singapore designates area for drone tests, explores new tech for air traffic management

The Singapore government has set aside a designated area on the island in which drones can be tested and signed several partnerships to explore the use of new technologies to improve air traffic management. The One-North district, which served as an R&D hub, was unveiled as the country’s first drone estate to provide an area where organisations and research institutions… Read more →