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Paranoia will destroy us: Why Chinese tech isn’t spying on Americans

China’s 10 best-selling smartphones At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the US President of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu, went off-script in his presentation to lament that the Chinese smartphone giant has been unable to consummate a deal to sell its smartphones at any large US-based cell carrier. Read this Huawei in cybersecurity pledge: ‘We’re not Chinese spies’ Chinese telecoms… Read more →

This smart vibrator can be ‘easily’ hacked and remotely controlled by anyone

(Image: File photo) Thought the Internet of Things was bad? The Internet of Dildos is so much worse. Security researchers have found that a popular internet-connected sex toy is riddled with vulnerabilities and flaws, which put users at a huge privacy risk. The so-called Vibratissimo “panty buster” is a smart toy that connects through Bluetooth to a phone. It’s designed… Read more →

iPhone X cost too much? Great smartphones in every price range

Innovation We rank the technologies most likely to change the world by 2028 Source Article from X cost too much? Great smartphones in every price range blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Getting Apple to replace your iPhone’s failing battery is a bigger hassle than it should be

Replacing the battery in an iPhone 6s iFixit OK, so a two-year-old iPhone 6s handset I have here has developed the dreaded iPhone throttling problem because the battery has been whipped. Here are the hoops I’ve had to go through to have the battery replaced. Must read: How to tell if your iPhone battery needs replacing techrepublic The 5 highest-paying… Read more →

Microsoft’s Q2 FY 2018 earnings: What about that cash and Cortana?

Earnings calls are often frustrating for us reporters, as we’re not allowed to ask execs questions. We — OK, maybe it’s just me — shout at our PCs during the quarterly webcasts with product and strategy queries we wish financial analysts would ask but never do. Microsoft’s Q2 FY 2018 earnings call on January 31 was a bit less aggravating…. Read more →

Big Data is a chicken-or-egg scenario on the farm

How 5G will impact the future of farming The Power of IoT and Big Data We delve into where IoT will have the biggest impact and what it means for the future of big data analytics. Read More According to McKinsey, the agricultural sector is the least digitized industry in the U.S. Yet, agriculture already produces large volumes of data… Read more →

Alibaba’s Q3 cloud revenue up 104 percent, hits $2.2 billion annual run rate

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit delivered fiscal third quarter revenue of $553 million, up 104 percent from a year ago as the company continues to launch services at a rapid clip. For the third quarter, Alibaba said it launched 396 new products and features and rolled out artificial intelligence tools throughout its portfolio. Alibaba also said it added enterprise customers such… Read more →

DDoS mystery: Who’s behind this massive wave of attacks targeting Dutch banks?

Amsterdam-headquartered ABN Amro was the first Netherlands bank to be hit, followed by Rabobank and ING Bank. Image: ABN Amro There is as yet no indication of who is behind the massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Netherlands banks and government websites that ran from last weekend to Tuesday. Initial reports suggesting a Russian connection appear baseless. The… Read more →

Ford seeks patent for autonomous police cars

File Photo Ford has filed a patent application in the US for self-driving police vehicles which could one day replace traffic wardens. techrepublic The 5 highest-paying IT career paths Want to get a job in tech? Here are the categories with the highest salaries. Read More The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark… Read more →

An ETF tracking robotics companies took in $650 million from investors in January

An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) tracking robotics companies just let the worst-kept secret in technology out of the bag: The robotics market is booming, and all signs suggest we’re at the beginning of the curve. The The Global X Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF (BOTZ) had $659 million in new investments in January at the start of the week. Since… Read more →

MIT launches MIT IQ, aims to spur human, artificial intelligence breakthroughs, bolster collaboration

Video: MIT’s Intelligence Quest aims to totally re-think how we advance AI The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is launching an initiative called MIT Intelligence Quest in an effort to combine multiple disciplines to reverse engineer human intelligence, create new algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence and foster collaboration. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the structure of MIT IQ is… Read more →

Square Cash adds Bitcoin transactions for most users

Square said Wednesday that its Square Cash app now supports Bitcoin trading for most users. see also Yes, Blockchain could reverse the course of civilization and upend the world’s most powerful companies Businesses often win by centralizing resources and extracting value, and today’s governments and financial systems empower them to do it. Blockchain changes the equation. Read More Instant buying… Read more →