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Panasonic latest to bring Alexa to the auto

Panasonic and Amazon have linked to build Alexa voice services into the next-generation of Panasonic infotainment systems, the duo announced at CES 2018 on Monday. CES 2018 The Big Trends for Business CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. Read More Alexa integration on Panasonic… Read more →

With WPA3, Wi-Fi security is about to get a lot tougher

At last, Wi-Fi security — or lack of — is about to get its day in the sun. The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry body made up of device makers including Apple, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, announced Monday its next-generation wireless network security standard, WPA3. The standard will replace WPA2, a near-two decades-old security protocol that’s built in to protect almost every… Read more →

​The Linux vs Meltdown and Spectre battle continues

The Linux developers has made a lot of progress in dealing with the Meltdown and Spectre. That’s good, but there’s a lot of work left to be done. First, a brief refresher. Meltdown is a CPU vulnerability. It works by using modern processors’ out-of-order execution to read arbitrary kernel-memory location. This can include personal data and passwords. This functionality has… Read more →

Maven buys HubPages: No future for mom-and-pop publishers

Ari Levy at CNBC writes about HubPages, an independent online publisher being acquired by publisher Maven. HubPages sells to Maven, giving venture investors exit after 12 years Levy writes that the deal won’t make anyone rich but at least employees will keep their jobs and have stock in a publicly traded company. Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages and his 32-person… Read more →

NextVR plans 6DoF, AR support for live VR streaming in 2018

(Image: CNET/CBS Interactive) NextVR announced at CES 2018 a new six degrees of freedom (6DoF) feature that will immerse viewers past a single view point (3DoF) on its live concert and event streaming platform. CES 2018 The Big Trends for Business CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will impact… Read more →

CES 2018: Garmin Speak Plus announced with dash cam and Amazon Alexa integration

Image: Garmin Garmin GPS devices have been used in cars for a long time and the new Garmin Speak Plus takes the in-car experience to the next level. Amazon Alexa integration provides voice control for music, news briefings, sports scores, GPS navigation and more. The dash cam adds features to any car that may be found in high end newer… Read more →

Four ways to run Windows 10 on your Mac

Switching to a Mac doesn’t mean having to leave behind Windows or your software. That’s because your new Mac is perfectly at home running Windows and Windows software. In fact, you have several options open to you if you want to keep using your favorite Windows software. Boot Camp on techrepublic Windows 10: Here are the big new features to… Read more →

CES 2018: Garmin Forerunner 645 finally launches with integrated music

Image: Garmin Readers know I prefer to run with a watch that supports offline music so I can leave my phone behind, but up until now I have had to select smartwatches over dedicated GPS sports watches, particularly in regards to a Garmin-branded device. Garmin finally launched a device that supports music in the form of the Garmin Forerunner 645… Read more →

How to hack public Wi-Fi to mine for cryptocurrency

File Photo A researcher has published a proof-of-concept (PoC) project called CoffeeMiner which shows how threat actors can exploit public Wi-Fi networks to mine cryptocurrencies. Last week, a software developer called Arnau disclosed research into how public networks offering access to the Internet can be harnessed to generate revenue for attackers. Interest in cryptocurrency has grown of late due to… Read more →

Your next real estate agent could be a robot

If you’re looking to rent a place in San Francisco, you can now get a home tour from a tablet-carrying robot. The robot is controlled remotely by a licensed real estate agent, whose beaming face appears on the tablet. The company bringing the rental game into the 21st century is Zenplace, a property management startup founded in 2016. CEO Rahul… Read more →

Trump’s Twitter account was the top tech story in the UK in 2017

Trump’s Twitter account was a leading source of stories…. Donald Trump’s Twitter account was the top technology story in the UK-based media during 2017, behind Brexit (economics) and the general election (politics), according to media monitoring company Signal Media. Perhaps surprisingly, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was the top business story. Trump’s Twitter was a story throughout the year Image:… Read more →

At CES 2018, Nvidia launches Xavier, an effort to meld autonomous driving and AI

The Nvidia Drive Xavier SoC. LAS VEGAS — Graphics chip giant Nvidia on Sunday unveiled the next generation of its autonomous driving stack powered by Xavier, the company’s $2 billion R&D bet on automotive AI. CES 2018 The Big Trends for Business CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will… Read more →