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Will multi-actuators save the disk drive?

Courtesy Seagate Technologies LLC In a blog post – republished in Storage Newsletter – by Seagate’s Jason Feist, he says that new multi-actuator technology will allow hard disk drives (HDDs) to meet hyperscale data center requirements, by . . . solving this concurrent need for increased performance by enabling parallelism of data flows in and out of a single hard… Read more →

NSW agencies struggle with security basics

(Image: Audit Office of NSW) For those with an interest in information security, who would like a sobering read to take the edge off the holiday cheer, the Report on Internal Controls and Governance 2017 from the Audit Office of New South Wales fits the bill. Released prior to Christmas, the report details the extent to which NSW government agencies… Read more →

Yoti can guarantee your identity online, but sometimes you just want to fake it….

ZDNet screen grab from Yoti’s web site It’s hard to establish a successful online identity system. Even after 40 years, nobody has managed it. Microsoft has tried three times: its first effort (Hailstorm) was shouted down; its second (CardSpace aka InfoCard) failed, despite being very well thought out; and its third (U-Prove) hasn’t been launched. This is a market that… Read more →

Batterygate: Apple betrayed its customers and now it faces a world of hurt

Apple is a company that is known for its rabid, fiercely loyal customers. When it comes to computers and consumer electronics, they tend to buy nothing else. They are extremely vocal, and will not hesitate to tell anyone how much they love their products, and why you too should own them. iPhone 6 CPU clock performance before a battery swap…. Read more →

After iPhone slow-downs, Apple offers battery replacements – but it’ll cost you

Apple on Thursday published a letter on its website apologizing for the misunderstanding surrounding how it handles performance for iPhones with older batteries. see also iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which has better business specs? Here’s how these phones compare for business buyers. Read More To remedy the situation, Apple is discounting the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery… Read more →

Softbank buys large stake in Uber

Getty Images, Spencer Platt (file photo) Japanese conglomerate Softbank and its group of investors bought a large stake in Uber that values the ride hailing startup at $48 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. No more Uber, Hertz, or even car owners: How Amazon and Apple will take us all for a ride As driverless technologies improve,… Read more →