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Huawei Mate 10 to launch on AT&T in February: Report

Huawei plans to release its Mate 10 smartphone on AT&T in early February, according to The Information, marking the China-based company’s first carrier deal in the US. Does the iPhone still matter? Huawei, not Apple, now drives the mobile conversation Cupertino is a victim of its own success and is fully responsible for creating the Chinese Android monster. Read More… Read more →

LG, Here partner to provide telematics for self-driving cars

LG and Here, the company behind Here Maps, have partnered to combine LG’s telematics technology and Here’s location services to create a data communications hub for automated and fully autonomous cars. Who really owns your Internet of Things data? In a world where more and more objects are coming online and vendors are getting involved in the supply chain, how… Read more →

Garmin Vivoactive 3 review: A solid mid-range GPS sports watch with wireless payment support

As people get ready to make New Year’s resolutions and start off the new year with some exercise and healthy eating, it is appropriate to take a look at some affordable pieces of wearable tech to consider for additional motivation to help you achieve your goals. In the past, I would be all over something like an affordable Garmin Vivoactive… Read more →

Citrix holds high hopes for Brazil

Citrix will ramp up channel training in Brazil to support its goal to achieve threefold growth in local sales in 2018. The company’s current bullish moment in Brazil follows a slowdown that lasted for nearly three years, according to country director at Citrix Brazil, Luis Banhara. Currently, the firm’s operation in the country performs well, especially when compared with more… Read more →

Artificial intelligence: McKinsey talks workforce, training, and AI ethics

As I talk with the many extraordinary guests on CXOTalk, an interview discussion forum that brings together the most innovative thinkers in the world, three key business aspects of artificial intelligence have emerged. First, AI is a vague umbrella concept that ties together data and a set of technologies, such as pattern recognition and other techniques, that emulate human learning… Read more →