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The Droids of Star Wars: Feel the Dark Side

Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars. I saw the film opening week when I was eight years old. I had the action figures, toys, playsets, the lunch boxes, the pajamas. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Star Wars was really the beginning of the mainstreaming or dumbing down of Science Fiction. The spring and… Read more →

Adobe’s Q4 breaks $2 billion in revenue

Adobe headquarters in San Jose, California. Adobe released fourth quarter financial results after the bell on Thursday and once again the Photoshop maker broke a corporate record for quarterly revenue. The software giant reported fiscal third quarter earnings of $501.5 million, or $1.00 a share. Non-GAAP earnings in the quarter were $1.26 a share on revenue of $2.01 billion, up… Read more →

Oracle Q2 strong on cloud, SaaS momentum

Oracle delivered strong fiscal second quarter results that topped expectations on earnings and revenue as well as cloud revenue. The company reported second quarter net income of $2.2 billion, or 52 cents a share, on revenue of $9.6 billion, up 6 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings for the quarter were 70 cents a share. Wall Street was looking… Read more →

Samsung to launch smart speaker in first half of 2018: Report

(Image: file photo) Samsung plans to launch a smart speaker to rival Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others, in the first half of 2018, according to Bloomberg. The smart speaker will use Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant utilized in the Galaxy smartphone lineup, and aims to connect smart home appliances. It’s not clear what Samsung plans to call its smart speaker,… Read more →

​Net neutrality: The eve of destruction

Video: Net neutrality explained with beer The people spoke, and they want net neutrality. cnet What you need to know about the FCC’s net neutrality repeal The FCC is set to roll back Obama-era regulation protecting an open internet. Here’s a quick rundown to help you understand the issues Read More The major web powers — Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft,… Read more →

​IBM, Walmart, and Tsinghua University eye blockchain for food supply chain safety in China

IBM, Walmart, and Tsinghua University said they will collaborate on blockchain tools for food tracking, traceability and safety in China’s supply chain. The four entities will work in a Blockchain Food Safety Alliance that aims to create a standard for collecting data on origin, safety and authenticity of food using blockchain technology for traceability. Real-time transparency has been difficult… Read more →

Ode to the Mac mini: Craving an update for Apple’s little box that can do it all

The venerable Mac mini. Image: CNET “Found another one!” There’s a tipping point that occurs when unpacking after a move. For a long time, everything is missing. Boxes serve as side tables, dinner tables, and the stuff of nightmares. But, eventually the sea of boxes gives way to something resembling reconstruction — and that’s when you start finding stuff —… Read more →

iMac Pro: Price of this fully-equipped, most powerful Mac ever? $13,199 – such a deal

Back when the iMac Pro was first announced, only its base price of $4,999 was disclosed by Apple. I decided I wanted to know what a fully-equipped machine would cost, so based on available pricing on comparable components, I went to work. I concluded that a maxed-out iMac Pro will set you back about $17,324. As it turns out, I… Read more →

Welcome to the data-driven machine: Digital transformation in the construction industry

special feature IoT: The Security Challenge The Internet of Things is creating serious new security risks. We examine the possibilities and the dangers. Read More Building and operating the machines that make infrastructure and construction works such as roads, buildings and bridges possible is something that seldom gets mainstream attention. These machines may not seem as shiny and cool as… Read more →

AI and big data converge to improve your airport customer experience

Did you know airports are just as worried about competing for your business as everyone else? Next time you walk through an airport terminal, think about all the systems and processes swirling around you, or could potentially swirl around you, intended to improve your experience there. If you were the CIO or IT director of the facility, what would be… Read more →

This robot could be your next multimedia projector

Following a successful Kickstarter funding and five years of R&D, French robotics company Keecker is finally bringing its R2-D2-like flagship robot to market in the U.S. The timing is perhaps a little unfortunate. Keecker is going to have some intense competition from Jibo, another long-awaited consumer robot that debuted earlier this year. Jibo made the cover of Time recently. Thanks… Read more →

Connected car security outfit Upstream Security snags $9m in funding

Upstream Security cofounders, Yoav Levy and Yonatan Appel Upstream Upstream Security has secured $9 million in a Series A funding round and plans to use the investment to expand further in the US and Europe. On Wednesday, the company said in a statement that the funding round, led by Charles River Ventures (CRV), includes cash injections from Israeli-based Glilot Capital… Read more →