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Intuit Q1 strong with 2.55 million QuickBooks Online subscribers

Intuit ended its fiscal first quarter with 2.55 million QuickBooks Online subscribers as its earnings and sales handily topped expectations. The company reported a first quarter loss of 7 cents a share on revenue of $886 million, up 14 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP first quarter earnings were 11 cents a share. Wall Street was expecting non-GAAP first quarter… Read more →

Get a Dell M115HD mobile projector for $329

ZDNet’s Business Bargain Hunter scours the web for great deals on computers, phones, services and much more. Prices and availability are accurate at the time deals are shared. Some products and services may not be available outside the U.S. Follow BBH on Facebook and Twitter, where he’s known as The Cheapskate. Yay, a projector that doesn’t require a whole separate… Read more →

McKinsey on digital marketing: Personalization is not what you think

Digital marketing is a complicated beast that demands collaboration across such diverse disciplines as branding, content, and data science. The best marketers combine company strategy and brand goals with a keen understanding of what makes the customer tick; listening to customers is truly the secret sauce of successful marketing. Digital tracking allows marketers to aggregate user data into segments based… Read more →

​Red Hat partners with AWS with OpenShift Container Platform 3.7

Cloud TV How business leaders are embracing cloud services The cloud is disrupting traditional operating models for IT departments and entire organizations. Read More Video: How to manage a multiple public cloud strategy Kubernetes has become the cloud container orchestration program. Red Hat jumped on the Kubernetes bandwagon early in 2015. Today, Red Hat is all in, with the release… Read more →

Uber inks deal with Volvo for fleet of self-driving cars

Volvo has signed a deal with Uber to supply the ride-hailing company with tens of thousands of “autonomous driving compatible” vehicles between 2019 and 2021, the 90-year-old car company announced Monday. 5G learning ​Ericsson mines Swedish academia, Scania, and Volvo for 5G smarts Ericsson taps Swedish academia and industry to dig up use cases that might make 5G compelling for… Read more →

Dell EMC chosen the best IT workplace in Brazil

Dell EMC is the best large-sized IT company to work for in Brazil, according to research from the Great Place to Work Institute. The company ranked first in the segment of companies employing over 1,000 staff. In this segment, Brazilian IT services company CI&T came in second and local IT and telecoms firm Algar ranked third, followed by SAP Brazil… Read more →

DJI Mavic Pro: First impressions from a drone novice

Mavic Pro, hovering steady at about six feet. Welcome to the first article in our new Drone and Robotics Discovery Series, here on ZDNet. Like our 3D Printing Discovery Series, this set of articles and videos will be all about hands-on testing, tinkering, and exploring. As with the 3D printing series, I’m coming at this unencumbered by the curse of… Read more →

New AMD EPYC-powered HPE VM server is breaking world records

Video: AMD and Intel: Frenemies aligned vs. Nvidia The new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server, powered by AMD’s EPYC processors, has set new world records in both SPECrate 2017_fp_base and SPECfp_rate2006 benchmarks. Must read: ‘Supercomputing for all’ with AMD EPYC The ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server offers up to 50 percent lower cost per virtual machine along with… Read more →

Apple slips closer to becoming ‘just another tech company’

Video: Apple Q4 results surpass market estimates So, Apple has pushed back the launch of the HomePod smart speaker to “early 2018.” Last year it was the AirPods that were delayed. Given how carefully Apple crafts product launches, especially around the all-important holiday period, it feels alarming that Apple is missing beats and is turning into “just another tech company.”… Read more →

Robotics company gets $25 million to bring Amazon-like automation to small retailers

Locus Robotics, which makes autonomous, mobile robots for use in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, just announced $25 million in a Series B round. Locus is one of a growing number of warehouse robotics providers helping retailers and third-party logistics operators automate existing operations without major retrofits. The trend is being driven by an industry-wide labor shortage and by the exploding e-commerce… Read more →

Linus Torvalds: ‘I don’t trust security people to do sane things’

Linus Torvalds has offered his thoughts on Linux security approaches, branding some security professionals as “f*cking morons” for focusing on process-killing rather than debugging. Torvalds, the creator and principal developer of the Linux kernel, does not often pull his punches when it comes to the kernel’s behaviors and security. The engineer carried on the tradition over the weekend, as Google… Read more →

FAA approves Flying Cow drones to restore Puerto Rico cell network

Screenshot via YouTube The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the use of drones to act as mobile cell phone towers in the ravaged area of Puerto Rico. Close to two months after the Caribbean island was struck by Hurricane Maria, buildings remain in tatters and there is still a lack of cellphone reception, electricity, and online access. Residents… Read more →