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Stardock introduces Groupy windows-management tool for Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Stardock, the company that’s developed a number of Windows-management/modification tools, has a new one for Windows users called Groupy. Credit: Stardock Stardock Groupy, which is available in beta as of today, November 14, is a windows-management tool. It will allow Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 users to arrange their desktop windows together in the form of tabbed groups. Multiple applications,… Read more →

Enterprise, Education users get six more months of support for Windows 10 1511

Microsoft is providing Windows 10 Enterprise and Education users still on Version 1511 with more time to move to a newer version of the operating system. Microsoft officials said on November 14 that “some early enterprise adopters that are still finishing their transition to Windows a service” will get security fixes until April 2018. The official cut-off date for support… Read more →

Elastic Search 6.0: not that new, but quite improved

Shay Bannon has been called a person who has written more code than what is humanly possible. This has led him from working on a solution for search in his spare time to building an open source framework and a global company around that with clients such as eBay and Verizon. Elastic Search has come a long way and Elastic… Read more →

Poshmark raises $87.5 million Series D, eyes expansion

The fashion resale social network Poshmark is announcing that it’s raised $87.5 million in Series D funding. The company also introduced a significant app update on Tuesday that lets sellers act as virtual stylists. It’s called the Poshmark Stylist Match, and it gives sellers the ability recommend items in near-real time that are tailored to the style of buyers. In… Read more →

Dropbox, Autodesk expand partnership with AutoCAD integration

Autodesk and Dropbox announced a partnership today that brings more collaboration capabilities into AutoCAD desktop applications. Specifically, Dropbox and Autodesk will enable people using AutoCAD to open and save files stored in Dropbox without leaving the AutoCAD application. The feature will initially support .DWG files, allowing users to access their entire .DWG library stored in Dropbox without storing them locally…. Read more →

Smartphone surveillance: Are you drunk?

snowflock/ In a recent paper, Using Phone Sensors and an Artificial Neural Network to Detect Gait Changes During Drinking Episodes in the Natural Environment, a cross-disciplinary group of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, found that smartphones and AI can give surprisingly accurate estimations of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – with very little data. Party animals The researchers needed… Read more →

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone is going to get more cumbersome and overly complicated

Video: For the iPhone X, the price is a whole lot more than the sum of the parts Remember when Microsoft made radical user interface changes in Windows 8, only to have to make more tweaks and backtracking in response to criticism, causing unnecessary hassles for end users? Looks like Apple is having a similar problem with iOS. Must read:… Read more →

How criminals clear your stolen iPhone for resale

File Photo | Public domain Mobile devices, being valuable, expensive, and both thin and light enough for sticky fingers, are a constant target for thieves worldwide. Smartphones and tablets are an investment and over time they have become a key to our digital kingdom with connected email accounts, social media, and cloud services — rendering their value not only in… Read more →

Investors bet big on company bringing scanning robots to Wal-Mart

Bossa Nova, which makes autonomous shelf-scanning service robots for retail customers, just closed a $17.5 million Series B round. That brings Bossa Nova’s total funding to $41.7 million. The funding announcement comes on the heels of a recently-announced partnership with Wal-Mart, which is testing Bossa Nova’s autonomous inventory-scanning robots at 50 stores. The days of the shop clerk with the… Read more →

Microsoft’s Black Friday deals include discounts on its Surface Pro tablet, Windows laptops

The Microsoft Store’s Black Friday specials include deals on Dell and HP laptops. Microsoft has launched its plans for Black Friday, which include deals on its Surface Pro tablet and a half-dozen laptops from Dell and HP running its Windows operating system. Black Friday 2017 Samsung’s ad features deals on its laptops, Galaxy tablets Newegg releases ad with laptop, desktop… Read more →

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM arrives after seven years of development

Read this Using ARM chips and Linux, Barcelona center dreams of being ‘Airbus of supercomputing’ A chapel in the heart of Barcelona Univesity is home to one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers – and a mobile chip-based successor is under development. Read More For years, we’ve wanted ARM servers. Even Microsoft has thrown its server hat in the ARM ring…. Read more →

Nvidia expands new GPU cloud to HPC applications

Nvidia Touting the large number of high-performance computing (HPC) applications that incorporate GPU acceleration, Nvidia on Monday announced new software and tools on the Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) container registry that allow scientists to quickly deploy scientific computing applications and HPC visualization tools. Typically, scientists who want to use these applications face time-consuming installation challenges and resource-intensive updates. Now, accessing… Read more →