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OpenStack adoption grows into multi-cloud formations

While private clouds are seen as something for larger organizations with healthy IT budgets, open source continues to play the role of disruptor, offering small to medium-size businesses (or departments of larger corporations) opportunities to build in this space as well. That’s why its interesting to see OpenStack, the open source platform for cloud computing, continuing to expand its base,… Read more →

Enterprise software slows down digital transformation, survey suggests

Are the layers upon layers of enterprise software running today’s organizations — built up over years and decades — holding them back from embarking on the great digital journey? To some seasoned IT folks, the answer to this question may be “Duh, yes, hasn’t it been obvious?” Photo: US National Archives, via Wikipedia Now, a recent survey confirms the drag… Read more →

Singapore opens up access to citizen data to facilitate business transactions

The Singapore government has opened up access to its MyInfo service, allowing private businesses to easily tap a range of citizen data to process various transactions. Offered through the new MyInfo Developer & Partner Portal, the service was an extension of the national database first launched in early-2016 as a way for citizens to automatically fill up online government forms… Read more →

How to get your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery to last for years

After Hours Best gifts: Practically indestructible gadgets Source Article from to get your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery to last for years blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

No more Uber, Hertz, or even car owners: How Amazon and Apple will take us all for a ride

Video: MIT thinks 3,000 Uber rides could replace all the taxis in NYC Driven to distraction: Why IBM’s Watson is getting onboard with self-driving vehicles and impatient passengers IBM has teamed up with Local Motors for a new autonomous vehicle. Here’s how it will handle difficult passengers – and why you won’t be able to buy one. Read More I… Read more →