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Edge, core, and cloud: Where all the workloads go

There is a strange and uneasy tension standing at the base of a wind turbine, amid a power generation farm full of dozens more. The air can seem still even though you can clearly see, and hear, the turbines moving. Indeed, the sound never dies down, although you’re standing in precisely the space where you would most expect it to…. Read more →

Five tricks to make Google Chrome faster and better

Enterprise Software Top Google Chrome extensions to enhance your productivity, security, and performance Source Article from tricks to make Google Chrome faster and better blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

IBM outlines 50 qubit quantum computing prototype

IBM said it is advancing on its efforts to commercialize quantum computing with a 50 qubit processor prototype and online access to 20 qubit processors by the end of 2017. The company will outline its advances at an IEEE conference. IBM has said that it plans to commercialize quantum computing, a breakthrough that will enable new applications for a variety… Read more →

Office Depot and OfficeMax Black Friday 2017 ad leaks with numerous laptop, desktop deals

Some of the desktop deals from the 2017 Office Depot/OfficeMax Black Friday ad. With the leak of Office Depot/OfficeMax’s Black Friday ad, PC buyers have even more deals to mull over if they are in the market for a new laptop or desktop. You’ll need to get up early on Friday to score the lowest-priced systems, as the two cheapest… Read more →

Putting data in the cloud may be an all-or-nothing proposition

There’s no shortage of technology and applications now moving into hybrid cloud situations, but enterprises need to think twice before splitting their data stores between clouds or on-premises environments. That’s because network latency can still slow things down. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s the word from Stephen Brobst, chief technology officer with Teradata. I had the opportunity to sit down with… Read more →

Nvidia’s data center business hits $2 billion annual revenue run rate

Nvidia’s data center business has hit a $2 billion annual revenue run rate and is showing no signs of slowing down as cloud providers gobble up the company’s GPUs. The company’s third quarter earnings results were stellar as all of its businesses showed strong growth. But what’s really notable is how Nvidia’s data center business has doubled revenue compared to… Read more →

Watch: This hypnotic robotic manta ray glides through water silently

Manta rays fly through the water on specially adapted wings. It’s a hyper-efficient mode of undersea transportation that also affords the animals agility and speed. Engineers at the National University of Singapore just released video of a project two-years in the making: an autonomous underwater vehicle that mimics the manta ray’s locomotion with graceful precision. Less gracefully, they’re calling their… Read more →

Yoti aims to provide everyone with a biometric digital identity that works via a smartphone app

Yoti creates a digital identity on a smartphone by capturing biometrics. It’s then validated by using a government-level document such as a passport or a driving licence, which it replaces for future transactions…. Photo: Yoti Yoti, a British start-up, is trying to establish a global identity system that protects users from both identity theft and having their data collected and… Read more →

Fake news problem: Facebook is a media company run by engineers

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO in a recent live online event addressing Russian interference and fake news. During the recent hearings in Washington representatives of Facebook, Google and Twitter were asked if they were media companies– they replied that they identify as technology companies. Facebook and Google don’t want to be classed as media companies because then they have to… Read more →