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Intel cuts cord on its current cord-cutting WiGig products

The Dell Wireless Dock uses Intel’s WiGig technology. It looks like you can add WiGig wireless docking to Intel’s dustbin (along with IoT products axed earlier this summer), as the company has discontinued existing products using the 802.11ad wireless standard, according to Anandtech. WiGig was developed several years ago with faster speeds than then-current Wi-Fi standards, but because it relied… Read more →

MacBook and Mac accessories

Hardware Six steps to faster, better Wi-Fi Source Article from and Mac accessories blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

More than credit scores: Why Equifax for Business matters

By Jeff Pollard and Joseph Blankenship special feature Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity Today’s security threats have expanded in scope and seriousness. There can now be millions — or even billions — of dollars at risk when information security isn’t handled properly. Read More When Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting 143 million U.S. consumers, our reaction to… Read more →

NVIDIA morphs from graphics and gaming to AI and deep learning

Maybe you’ve heard of the x86 central processing unit (CPU) architecture that powers most PCs and servers today. But once upon a time in PC land, Intel made a bundle of cash selling x87 math co-processor chips to accompany the x86 products. These chips excelled at, and accelerated, floating point math operations and helped make PCs much faster at performing… Read more →

We tested Equifax’s data breach checker — and it’s basically useless

(Image: ZDNet) Something isn’t right about Equifax’s data breach checker. In case you missed it: The credit rating giant admitted hackers had targeted the company in the past few months, stealing records on as many as 143 million consumers. The company went into disaster management mode (albeit with a six-week head start) and flubbed the incident response. Not only did… Read more →