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A simple file naming bug can crash Windows 8.1 and earlier

(Image: file photo) In a blast from the past, a Russian researcher has uncovered a simple bug in the NTFS file system that consistently crashed Windows Vista to 8.1 PCs. Like the infamous Windows 95/98 /con/con bug, by simply entering a file name with “$MFT” the file-system bug locks up Windows at best, or dumps it into a “blue screen… Read more →

Apple still towers over other IT companies in quarterly revenues and profits, but there are changes in the chasing pack

Tech companies often have different fiscal years and announce their quarterly result on different days, so it’s hard to make comparisons, even if you have a superhuman memory. However, a simple bar chart makes the obvious point: the old order has changed. IBM no longer dwarfs every other IT company. That function has been taken over by Apple. Worse, IBM… Read more →

​Computex 2017: ARM has designs on more than mobile

ARM owns the mobile market. Last year the semiconductor IP firm’s processor designs were used in some 16 billion chips, including those at the heart of nearly ever smartphone. Its Mali graphics, which hasn’t been around as long, crossed the one-billion mark in 2016, giving it around half of the phone market. But the industry is changing. Smartphones are pushing… Read more →

Laptops and tablets banned? Here’s how to stay productive in flight

Can’t bring your laptop on a flight? Here’s how to stay productive Can you imagine being a modern business traveler on a 12-hour transcontinental flight without access to a portable PC or even a tablet? I can’t either. And yet that’s the unpleasant reality the Trump administration has forced on some passengers who are booked on nonstop flights to the… Read more →

Intel ANZ chief Kate Burleigh resigns after 20 years

Kate Burleigh resigns from Intel Image: Supplied Kate Burleigh, managing director at Intel Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), has announced that she is leaving the chip giant after a 20-year stint on June 30, 2017. Burleigh said the “time seems right” to pursue opportunities outside of Intel. Burleigh served as the ANZ managing director since 2012 during which she oversaw… Read more →

ARM launches new Cortex, Mali processors to boost AI, VR mobile tech

ARM ARM has unveiled a set of new processors to provide the brainpower for our mobile devices to cope with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies. On Monday, the British semiconductor giant said the new Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 processors, alongside the new Mali-G72 graphics processor, have been designed to “address the changing nature of… Read more →

Governments stand ready to regulate a cyberscape they do not understand

As the very likely winner of the upcoming UK election, the ideas contained within the Conservative party election manifesto [PDF] provide a signpost on the direction of the British government. “Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” a bolded line at the rear end of the document states…. Read more →