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Can data improve the educational system in Brazil?

The debate around how to use open data and analytics to improve society and key areas such as education has hit the mainstream and this is especially true in Brazil, one of the countries leading the path in terms of open use of information. According to Open Knowledge International, Brazil has evolved in terms of the availability and accessibility of… Read more →

Blockchain explained in plain English

Video: Blockchain in 60 seconds After spending two years researching blockchain and the evolution of advanced ledger technologies, I still find a great spectrum of understanding across my clients and business at large about blockchain. While ledger superpowers like Hyperledger, IBM, Microsoft and R3 are emerging, there remains a long tail of startups trying to innovate on the first generation… Read more →

Where does the NAS fit in an increasingly cloud-centric world?

Hybrid cloud storage, first look: Synology DS916+ super-NAS For decades, the file server was at the heart of most small company networks. For many, it was the raison d’etre for having a network to begin with. Novell (remember them?) was all about file sharing. The early NT and Windows Server builds had other features, sure, but at their core, they… Read more →

iPad Pro vs MacBook: Which to buy and why

When I noticed my 13-inch MacBook Air was getting heavy, I decided to look at lightening my load. The two obvious choices were an iPad Pro or the latest MacBook. Why not a Windows Ultrabook? Simple: I’m invested in both of the Apple operating systems. I have Windows 7 and 10, and have run them on my Macs, but I… Read more →

The quickest, simplest way to speed up an old, tired PC

It’s a fact of life that PCs get slower and more sluggish over time, as we expect aging hardware to rise to the challenges of newer operating systems and applications. But eventually, PCs get to the point where there need some care and feeding, and over the years the method of rejuvenation that I’ve been recommending was to add more… Read more →

With one small tweak, the iPad could replace the laptop

While 2-in-1 and convertible PC sales are on the rise, the iPad is floundering. And yet in many ways, the iPad -particularly the high-end iPad Pro – is a far superior machine to most enterprise laptops out there. What’s the missing ingredient? See also : Microsoft should have left Windows XP to rot and die It seems that users I’ve… Read more →

Facebook prying: Watchdogs hit back on excessive harvesting of your data

Facebook allows its advertisers to tally the number of users who view their ads, monitor sales conversions, and obtain surfing histories. Image: CNET/ZDNet Belgium’s data watchdog has issued new recommendations to Facebook, calling on the company to explain more clearly its practice of collecting internet users’ data through invisible pixel website elements. The country joins the Netherlands, France, and the… Read more →

Facebook’s secret guide on sex, violence, and hate speech leaked

File Photo Facebook’s secret rules and guidelines which lay out how moderators should tackle everything from self-harm to violence and hate-speech reveal the daily struggle the firm shoulders to control content sharing on the network. Facebook Live is a livestreaming service originally intended to act as a rival of other livestreaming platforms including YouTube, Ustream, and Twitch. Recording and sharing… Read more →

Yahoo retires ImageMagick library after 18-byte exploit leaks user email content

File Photo Yahoo has decided to retire the use of the ImageMagick library following a researcher’s disclosure of a simple way to break the system to cause email information leaks. Last week, security researcher Chris Evans demonstrated the exploit and released the details of the security flaw to the public. In a blog post, Evans said the so-called “Yahoobleed #1″… Read more →

Uber uses artificial intelligence to figure out your personal price hike

File Photo Uber has admitted using artificial intelligence to charge customers based on what they are likely to be willing to pay. As reported by Bloomberg, the ride-hailing service says that the new system is based on AI and algorithms which estimate fare rates that groups of customers will be willing to pay depending on destination, time of day, and… Read more →