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Watch this 3D-printed robot walk on sand

Lately, there has been lots of buzz about collaborative robots, or co-bots, which are robots designed to work alongside humans. Before we let robots out of their cages, they have to become safer than their metal predecessors. If robots are made of softer materials, it won’t be a big deal if they accidentally bump into someone or something. Then again,… Read more →

Cisco shares fall on weak revenue outlook

Cisco reported in-line financial results Wednesday but its shares took a hit following a lower than expected revenue outlook. The tech giant reported a net income of $2.5 billion, or 50 cents per share. Non-GAAP earnings were 60 cents per share on a revenue of $11.9 billion, down 1 percent year over year. Wall Street was looking for earnings of… Read more →

Google unveils standalone VR headsets with Daydream

A mockup of the VIVE standalone headset with Daydream. Google made a few key announcements surrounding its virtual and augmented reality efforts. Most notably, Daydream, Google’s VR platform, will soon support a new category of standalone VR headsets with partners HTC and Lenovo. These headsets will be coming sometime later this year. What’s more, these headsets will come with new… Read more →

Google releases Android O in beta, rolls out Android Go for entry-level devices

Google on Wednesday announced Android O is available in beta and highlighted several of its features at the Google I/O developer conference. In a significant move, Google announced it’s adding support for a new programming language, Kotlin. It’s fully Android runtime compatible, fully interoperable with developers’ existing code, Google’s Stephanie Cuthbertson said during the I/O keynote address. It will be… Read more →

Google to add jobs to search, dabbles as HR gatekeeper

Google said it is launching Google For Jobs, an effort that aims to pull in contextual data from multiple products, use machine learning and connect the labor pool to employers across various skill levels. CEO Sundar Pichai said Google For Jobs will launch as part of its search results in “coming weeks.” “Google For Jobs addresses an important need and… Read more →

AMD is making PCs and servers exciting again

AMD EPYC AMD Forget about smartphones and tablets, AMD is making what was long considered “old and boring” PC and server tech exciting again. See also : Five features the iPhone 8 needs to have (but probably won’t get) It’s been quite a few years since a desktop or server processor launch has elicited anything out of me but a… Read more →

Cheap 2017 iPad vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro: How to decide

David’s $329 workshop iPad in its UAG-provided Metropolis MIL STD 810G-516.6 case The 9.7-inch iPad Pro was released in March of 2016. The new, regular ol’ iPad was released one year later, in March 2017. The base price for the iPad Pro (I’ll only be talking about the 9.7-inch model in this article) is $599 with a mere 32GB storage…. Read more →

AI solutions in the future

In a May 2016 post to the White House blog, titled “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence,” then-President Barack Obama said: “Today’s AI is confined to narrow, specific tasks, and isn’t anything like the general, adaptable intelligence that humans exhibit. Despite this, AI’s influence on the world is growing. The rate of progress we have seen will have broad… Read more →

UK police charge activist under terrorism law for refusing to hand over passwords

(Image: file photo) A human right group activist has been charged with terrorism offenses for failing to turn over his passwords at a London airport. Muhammad Rabbani, international director at Cage, a group that focuses on investigating human rights, torture cases and other injustices, was charged Wednesday after refusing to turn over his phone and computer passwords at the UK… Read more →

Qualcomm hits back at Apple suppliers for breach of contract

MIKE BLAKE, REUTERS Qualcomm on Wednesday said it has filed a counter suit against Apple’s iPhone and iPad manufacturers for withholding royalty payments. cloud tv Cloud migration: Dipping in a toe before diving all in The Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine rebuilt its data warehouse on the Google Cloud Platform, taking advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing to make sure it was… Read more →

Samsung Chromebook Pro briefly goes up for pre-order on Amazon

Samsung Chromebook Pro Samsung’s high-end Chromebook Pro has been a long time coming. It was first unearthed last October and formally announced at CES in January, but it’s still not available. In the meantime, its less powerful, cheaper Samsung Plus sibling has been on sale since early February. Amazon let us know that the Pro is coming soon, however. It… Read more →

Indian IT’s planned layoffs give a glimpse of the bloodbath ahead

Over the last week, the one thing that Indian IT professionals were most dreading began to be talked about in earnest. First, Mint newspaper disclosed that after conducting interviews with 22 current and former employees across seven Indian IT companies, it was clear to them that at least 56,000 engineers would be given pink slips this year. That figure is… Read more →