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Apple fixes dozens of security bugs for iPhones, Macs

(Image: CNET/CBS Interactive) Apple has squashed dozens of security bugs in its latest releases of its iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company rolled out 23 security fixes in iOS 10.3.2 and another 30 fixes in macOS 10.12.5, both of which were released on Monday. Among the bugs, two bugs in iBooks for iOS could allow an… Read more →

Despite security risks, older Windows versions plague thousands of businesses

A map showing where WannaCry ransomware was installed. (Image: MalwareTech) After the global cyberattacks on Friday that infected hundreds of thousands of computer with the WannaCry ransomware, the blame game has begun. Who was behind the attack? How did the NSA lose control of its hacking tools used as part of this huge ransomware attack? Should we blame Microsoft for… Read more →

Upgrade already! If you’re still using Windows XP, you’re a menace to society

Windows must die – again Response to my last piece — “Why Windows must die for the third time” — was overwhelming. Hundreds of thousands of people read that article, and we had some very spirited talkbacks indeed. A bunch of you came right out and said it: You don’t want to upgrade from XP. You’re angry that Microsoft made… Read more →

Google partners with Audi, Volvo to bring Android to next-gen cars

Volvo Cars partners with Google to build Android into next generation connected cars. Volvo Google is bringing the Android operating system beyond smartphones and directly into cars. The company announced Monday it’s partnering with Audi and Volvo to bring Android-based infotainment systems into their next-generation vehicles. “That means your car’s built-in infotainment system could allow you to control your air… Read more →

The state of graph databases worldwide

Innovation Neo4j highlights Source Article from state of graph databases worldwide blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Self-driving vehicles already improve traffic flow

New research shows that adding just a few self-driving cars to the streets can improve overall traffic patterns. In the next several years, there will likely be an awkward transitional period when human drivers and autonomous vehicles share the roads. Consumer advocates, safety experts, and roboticists have expressed concern that mixing self-driving cars with human drivers could be dangerous. Recent… Read more →

CenturyLink launches SAP managed service with Cisco, NetApp

CenturyLink said it will offer a managed service for SAP deployments based on FlexPod integrated systems from Cisco and NetApp. The telecom and IT services provider said the managed service will be available in early summer. CenturyLink also has an SAP practice specializing in deploying the enterprise software giant’s applications and analytics tools. CenturyLink, which is in the process of… Read more →

How to defend yourself against the WannaCrypt global ransomware attack

Cisco Talos Friday’s ransomware outbreak is ongoing and while researchers work to stem the tide of infection, businesses, governments, and individuals can help the cause by making sure they have protected themselves. The attack is due to a kind of ransomware called Wanna Decryptor, also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r and WannaCry. The malware not only infects targets through traditional means… Read more →

United Airlines cockpit codes released to the public

United Airlines The confidential codes required to access United Airlines’ cockpits have been accidentally leaked to the public in what the airline calls a mistake, rather than a data breach. On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the airline sent out a blast alert to employees over the weekend warning them of the inadvertent code leak, caused by a… Read more →

Apple snaps up ‘dark data’ intelligence startup Lattice Data

Lattice Data Apple has acquired Lattice Data, a data mining company which could give Apple a stronger talent pool in the artificial intelligence and analytics fields. Over the weekend, TechCrunch reported that Lattice Data, born out of the statistical inference Stanford research project DeepDive in 2015, had been quietly purchased by Apple. cloud tv Cloud migration: Dipping in a toe… Read more →