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​Omnichannel debunked in less than 5 minutes

Omnichannel is one of those topics that is mostly connected to retail, but is really intertwined with multiple digital transformation efforts. The high level storyline is that omnichannel refers to retailers who need to cultivate multiple touch points to combat Amazon. Brick and mortar retailers are closing stores and going bankrupt at a clip not seen since the 2008 financial… Read more →

Sprint, T-Mobile holding informal merger talks again: Report

Sarah Tew SoftBank-owned Sprint has begun informal talks to merge with T-Mobile US, according to Bloomberg. The two mobile carriers had previously held merger talks in 2014, but the deal fell through after regulatory concerns. Bloomberg reported talks between Sprint and T-Mobile are preliminary and no banks have been hired, yet. There’s also belief T-Mobile, the fourth-largest carrier in the… Read more →

Become a Google Chrome power user

Do you use Google Chrome? Do you want to become a Google Chrome guru? Read on! What follows are a collection of tips, tricks, and tools to help you get the most from Google Chrome. There are tips on speeding up the browser and making it consume less RAM, ways to increase your privacy, and extensions that you can install… Read more →

Singapore university breaches reveal wider attack surface to safeguard

Security breaches this week in Singapore and around the globe reveal the country will have to safeguard a much wider attack surface and need a cybersecurity strategy that goes beyond simply limiting internet access. It was revealed on Friday that two Singapore universities suffered APT (advanced persistent threat) attacks last month, with the hackers specifically targeting government and research data…. Read more →