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Sitting back with the Surface Pro 3: Ten apps to use in tablet mode

Hardware Best wearables for dads and grads, May 2015 Source Article from back with the Surface Pro 3: Ten apps to use in tablet mode blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet

Harvard medical professor: Big data and analytics help cure cancer

In almost every industry, aggregating data on a large scale and running predictive analytics have the power to improve our lives. With healthcare, this power is magnified because conclusions drawn from analytics can directly affect patient health and well-being. Unfortunately, discussions of so-called big data applications often are filled will vendor hype and sales hyperbole. It’s a shame because there… Read more →

Top Windows Phone news of the week: Hyperlapse, Cortana, low-end phone woes

Top Windows Phone handsets for March by usage In May the top two Windows Phone handsets by usage were the Lumia 520 with 21.6 percent, followed by the Lumia 630 with 10.2 percent. As expected, almost the entire Windows Phone landscape is Nokia hardware, which is owned by Microsoft. Source: OneDrive gets update for Cortana Microsoft updated OneDrive for… Read more →

6 qualities of a successful enterprise API

Enterprise APIs — particularly open, web APIs — are proliferating everywhere, and have become essential to operating within today’s digital and mobile economy. However, they need to be brought out of the shadows, and the way to do this is manage them just as thoroughly as any other enterprise IT asset. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s the word from Julie Craig,… Read more →

Top iOS news of the week: Text hack, Cortana, Apple Watch SDK

Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS, Android The folks in Redmond continue the push to get their products on major mobile platforms, software that will now include Cortana. This is Microsoft’s version of Siri that is operated by voice and provides information and does things for the user. Cortana shares similarities with Apple’s Siri and it will be interesting to have… Read more →

Robots for the masses: Kickstarter becomes showcase for robotic innovation

Data Management Google I/O 2015: Google’s smart home blueprint is still in the drafting stage Source Article from for the masses: Kickstarter becomes showcase for robotic innovation blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet

Build a performance gaming PC for $620

Previous  |  Next Image 1 of 8 Previous Next When it comes to gaming PCs, it’s not a case of how fast you want your PC to be, but how fast you want to spend money. Last week I looked at big bucks ways to supercharge your gaming PC. But what if you don’t have thousands of dollars laying about… Read more →

Six Clicks: Apps to customize your Android smartphone

Summary: Your smartphone doesn’t have to just be functional — there are many apps which can customize your gadget to your satisfaction in a matter of clicks. By Charlie Osborne for iGeneration | May 30, 2015 — 09:05 GMT (02:05 PDT) Follow @ZDNetCharlie Source Article from Clicks: Apps to customize your Android smartphone blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 test build 10130 for PCs

Microsoft made available at the end of the day Friday, May 29, the anticipated Windows 10 preview build 10130 for PCs. The new build is for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, and is primarily about more polish and small improvements, such as the inclusion of new icons. (The image below is from Microsoft and shows the new Windows 10… Read more →